Event rankings page trophy tier shows everyone as diamond

Doesn’t affect the gameplay in particular but starting from around 3 days ago all trophy tiers started showing up as diamond. I recall previously they correctly showed whatever the ranked person’s trophy tier is (mostly meaning platinums showed up, including myself)

In what screen are you seeing this bug? What is your software version and hardware platform?

Go to the Quests page and to the most recent Challenge Event page; now that the event has ended it just shows the rankings of each player, with all of them showing up as diamond. (e.g. check rank 56th of beginner event; I’m platinum tier but shows up as diamond)

Game version 1.10.4 (most recent one)
OS android 7.0

Good catch. At first I assumed it was because they all were actually Diamond, but that’s not true when you click through to the player profile.

@petri something to add to the developers’ to-do list.

Odd, does it on iOS too.