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Hi all. I would like to enter into top 10 of epic event or top 10 of the legendary event, actually i have arrived in top 100 of both but didnt get to top 10 and would ask if anyone know any tactic usefull for this. For top 100 of both (did only wonderland and guardians cause got nice red heroes) in these ranks i used mana pot at start (on wilbur or wucong, mostly i went with 5 red so charged wilbur at start) did the first with combos, the second with items and the third with items+heroes+ combo if needed. But i think that this is not a good strategy for top 10 of epic and legendary. I would appreciate if some1 can give me some advices that can help me reach the top 10 of these events. As red heroes i have: elena (with 6 emblems), falcon, boldtusk, wilbur and scarlet and colen that use in epic event instead of elena.
Thank you for read and for any help anyone can say here so that they can help not only me but anyone who will read this.

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It’s really expensive to get to the top you need to run the stages over and over again looking for the perfect board and use tons of tornados dragon attacks and or axes to beat the levels as quickly as possible with full life.

Wharflord made an entire video on exactly this:


Wow, that was really enlightening!!

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It is worth checking out his posts, videos, texts etc… there are a handful of people on this forum that are truly worth the effort to learn from.

All the moderators and recent ex-moderators and then several other regulars that are deeply thoughtful and analytical and somehow manage to keep their cool when others become heatedly un-objective.


Hi @LucaeBirba. Maybe my guide is helping you. It also shows some scores which are needed for Epic top10

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this video is great for understanding the strategy

check also the latest stream of Killa Killa hosting @TheChef - they discuss the event strategy, and the streams of @Dator and @Uclapack (showing effort and skill required to reach the high scores)

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thank you both G O A T and Kainboy, will check them later :slight_smile:

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