Event Quest Rankings: Change team shown to last used team

I noticed that the team shown in the event quest rankings for each player is the team they set up last, rather than the one last used. The server should save the team that was last used instead, so other players can get an idea of what heroes are being used go get high scores.

An efficient way to do this memory wise, would be to only save the team if it has been used in a battle.

Strategic people could get around this by changing tto a dummy team and making one last run through level 1.

hmm that is true as well, but at least it wouldn’t show a bunch of sharans in the top teams.

A bit off topic here; I come from playing other player vs player games where we usually see who’s using who. That right now isn’t always the case in E&P, and since event quests are so different from raids, it would be nice to have the ability of seeing which heroes are being used in each tier, rather than everyone hiding out their setup.

If you are looking through the top10 / top20, teams used are pretty close to each other in rare and epic. Even if one or two are hiding the teams you have enough players with competitive and visible teams. In legendary there is a bit more separation but still you are able to see a lot of strong teams used. Don’t see a big advantage in showing / hiding teams. I once was hiding my team and replaced it by a single Perseus to show @Uclapack that I am done with my trys.

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