Event prizes

The prices are really unfair distributed. You could make it more interesting for much more people.
Each one in top 5 should only receive 1 event hero but as limited edition (with increased stats).
That alone is reward enough. You could distrute the rest according their importance.
Right now only 100 people receive decent prices and only 10 receive excellent ones.

I’m not normally too picky on spelling on an internet forum, but this one is quite confusing.

Do you mean ‘prizes’ - the reward, rather than ‘prices’ - a cost?

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I changed it. Thank you for your comment.

I am in the top 100 in advanced lvl. The loot is disappointing. 2 warm capes I don’t need because they give them out every challenge event, there is no variation.

Number 1 position is great loot.
2- 10 - good loot
11 and lower poor.

To get into the top 100 is an achievement - I would even take 1 4* ascension loot mat as a reward.

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I think the bigger issue to address is the loot tiers themselves - and I know that it comes up often. You can’t continue to hold the same tiers, and yes, I know they expanded the lower tiers already, when you are touting MASSIVE growth numbers. A million people logging in daily yet only the top 10 (out of a potential million!) get anything of REAL value for the target audience? And let’s also not talk out of both sides of our mouth (referring to the devs) - quite simply:

They have said these events are for mid/late game players - yet completing ‘rare’ yields NOTHING that a mid/late game player needs. I’ve never crafted (or used) a revive scroll in my life (almost at the one year mark) and have almost 100.

I finished in the top 100 in Legendary. First time ever in top 100 anywhere in events. The compasses & capes were worth it because I really need them for my team. But, other events where I am not dying for the ascension items I just get my completion rewards and move on.

When they made the events month and months ago they obviously had a target % for crafting their tiers. They should be scaling that % as they increase participation in the game, which we know they are.

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Competing in the events is tons of fun for me so even just okay rewards (really they’re lower than the resource output required to get them if you’re not in the top10) is fine because I enjoy just playing to get on the leaderboard like how it was in old arcade games. Just getting your name up there is a fun challenge. So what I would like to see is expanded avatars. For example they need to figure out a way to give top100 in rare an avatar. Maybe one of the event minions or something would suffice.
I think in general avatars are an area of the game where they could go a long way to making people feel like they get something for great effort that doesn’t really affect the developers’ concerns with speed of game progress for players


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