EVENT - Match Bonus assignment - Something strange

Hello guys,

here to ask for a clarification regarding MATCH BONUS assignment.

Myself and @Xero786 made a crossed test on “Advanced - Stage 1”

Consumable used by myself:
5x Dragon Attacks
4x Bombs
4x Tornadoes
Stage completed in 48 seconds

Time Bonus: 20k
Match Bonus: 3k

Consumables used by Zero:
4x Dragon Attacks
5x Bombs
2x Super Mana Potions
Stage completed in 1m5 seconds

Time Bonus: 19k
Match Bonus: 17k

What’s wrong with that?
Is there a strong penalty if using Tornadoes?

Can you please clarify as soon as possible?

Thanks a lot.

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Match bonus is for tiles, not items

Do you know exactly how it works now?

It’s just “number of tiles used”? So basically… LUCK?

The Tips and tricks mentions “Big combos and great matches are also taken into account.”

I assume that is the match bonus

The score from each stage is defined by the enemies defeated, speed of completion and the amount of hero health left at the end of a stage. Big combos and great matches are also taken into account. Using Continues has a negative effect on the stage score.

Once again SG with that clear and concise language on how scoring takes you lace in this game…:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Wait, you telling me that he got 1/5 of the combos with 4 tornados?

Wow, you really wasted them.


That’s why I’m asking for a clarification.

Because if it’s just “how many tiles you fire” sorry I’m going to skip events from now.

It’s just a lottery, just burning flasks and flasks waiting for a lucky game.

And I hate no-skill games.

Great thread! Please bring some light to this subject @Petri

Tornados shuffle the board, but don’t guarantee matches. I’ve used tornadoes and only 1 match possibility after. To get match bonus you need those big cascades. Top scorers flask a lot trying to get cascades and quick times