Event loot should be similar to rare titan loot

I’ve been playing E&P for over 2 years now, and one thing I have noticed is I see the same names at the top of the leaderboard for event rewards. The decision was made to reduce buffs for Telluria and Vela to level the playing field. With that spirit in mind, should we consider the 5* hero drop to be random for the top 5 or 10k scores? This would be in similar fashion as the rare ascension item drop for rare titans. I’m sure this would increase event participation and help level the playing field. What do you think?

4* ascension items

From the very first Challenge Event ( Pirates? ), it has always been about the 4* ascension items.

Many top players had heroes stuck at 5* 3.70 before Challenge events. This was before 11*, and higher, titans, and before Diamond/ Platinum raid chests. I believe it was also when some rare quests only gave 3* ascension items ( looking at you 3* warm cape and 3* hidden blade ).

Depending on your play style, it is still the best way to get 4* ascension items after titans, raiding and rare quests.

Rare items

plug, plug, plug

([Master] - Improving Rare Titans)


4* ascension item shards

This is a very valid point. A lot of what people have seen with game growth predates some of the formed suggestions in the forum. Honestly, I think the rare quests, chests and titan loot have reached the point of sustainability where they are helping people max their heroes. I think more 5* drops in the challenge events is something to consider. Might give people a little extra drive to compete. Thanks for the reply, Gryphon.

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