Event invocation - ONLY AVERAGE 3*** Heros!

**EVENT INVOCATION ONLY PROVIDES AVERAGE 3 STAR HEROS! _Please just safe your money, you’ll never get anything special!!
Did the 2600 gems invocation to get -once again - 10 useless heros to feed my other heros. Not worth anything! This was the fourth time this happened!! Safe your money!

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Disappointing, but the odds have been published now and it’s not unexpected to get all 3* on a 10 pull.

Everyone just needs to go in with their eyes open or, as you say, save their money.

Invest in training camps, they’re free.


Finished the event and the epic token gave me a 3* - food again.

10 drop - 9x 3* and 1 4* Boomer - yes save your money.

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I am inclined to say that we had even better odds before, but now that they published it, they put it so bad we can do nothing about it.


Where is the odds published? @Luiz ?

Every summon screen has an “?” above with all odds listed.

You need to upgrade E&P to at least 15.0.0. There will be ‘i’ letter in every portal (left upper corner).

Ok. Thanks @Warthelan and @prom

Thats totally my impression too.

I guess whales can confirm or deny it better then anyone.

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the epic token won Ulmer, plus 3 pull Baltazar, Isaac, Oberon.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Once for a 10x pull is possible, but for the fourth time is… odd. Since we now know the chances (thanks Apple!), we know that for a 10x event pull the chances of getting all 3* heroes are about 3%. That 3% is still higher than the (good) chances of getting a Hotm with an epic token or getting a legendary event hero with 300 gems.

Lamentable, invocation 2600 gems on pirate event, result 10 x 3 *.

It’s just bad luck… I did 2 single pulls then the token from the event and I got an ishtak, li xiu and a boomer. Just the way the cookie crumbles.

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Got boomer and grimm. Did 3 pulls too. Waiting for the next event and aegir

Odds shown below:

So it’s fairly unlikely at these odds to draw only 3*: 3.3%. I was surprised at how likely 4* are, as shown, based on the number of complaints like those above. The odds of 5% draw are exactly what most of us have thought. Posted odds of a HotM are a little lower than my guess; I used 1.5% in my estimations.

I did an event summon and got 10 3* a while back. I’ve also done a 10x elemental purple pull and pulled 3 5*. It’s a dice roll, and always has been.

Same here first 5 star was justice. Then lo g time nothing and on a 10 pull elemental dark i got 2 dark 5 star and the bonus roll with aeron.

Seems I am only happy one in that theme, becayse I made 0 rolls and spent 0 cents :smile: :wink: Also got 2 4* troops from 4-5 (dont remember) free summon tokens, but had nothing for almost 4 months… (4* troops I mean). Seems SGG statistic work such way - here you have 10% odds, well you recieve now 9000 summons crap, but later you will definently recieve 1000 good in a row… ok you didn’t recieve anything for 10000 summon, let’s try with 100 000 then!.. :slight_smile: Theory of probabilities laughes on you all after 10x summon with 3* only 0,71¹º = 0,03255243551 So 3.25%.

You shouldn’t pull in Epic summons !
Just pull in Elemental summons.
The 3☆ in 1 root is ofc less than in 5 roots!
At least you will get new 4☆ from that elemental which could come very handy if you still have 3/4☆ heros team!

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That’s very sound advice. The only Epic pulls I make are when I have a gold token. All other summons are from Events, Elemental or Atlantis portals.

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