Event in February

Who knows what event will be in February?

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See here:

You can look up more guesses by searching “February Event”. :wink:

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Thanks! Do you know what the reflect colour will be?

Pirates?.. poop. i have enough gems saved for 3 10pulls. i wait til the events so as to have a chance at the event heroes. the 5s from pirates are ok, but the 4 are meh from what i’ve seen (please someone correct me if i’m wrong). since this game seems to not want me to every have a 5*, i don’t want to waste my gems on the pirate 4*s
guess i’ll wait til march to draw.

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The first event were the pirates, too. (September: pirates, October: Guardians, November: Pirates, December: Guardians, January: Avalon)

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Yep, I was wrong, Pirates was the first event.
@Dawnsky the reflect was purple in the past aswell as 2 of the bosses, I doubt it would be any different this time so Wu-Jackal-li xiu/hu tao will tear through a lot of intermediate. @ruse Peters is about the best 4* green, Boomer is garbage though.

Ok thanks! Where does one get Jackal? In Guardians event?

Guardians event, yes

i’ll have to look at peters. i almost never see him used anywhere so assumed he was as bad as boomer.
the question is do i try for a peters or hold out and shoot for guardians? hmmmm…

Cool link thank you… :rose::v::sunglasses:

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Try for peters or wait for guardians is a matter of personal choice…

the reason you don’t see peters much is because he’s not great on defense - firing against some random hero as soon as he’s charged isn’t super strong. But when a human controls him on offense it’s MUCH much better. plus he’s great in events for all those annoying bosses with awesome specials (think Morgan Le Fay, arthur, Guen).

In general guardians is stronger (falcon, jackal, panther are all good whereas pirates has Peters and Kestral is decent).

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I’m waiting for Guardians event since the heroes look a tad better. Crossing fingers to get both Panther, Jackal, and/next HOTM.


Lol, maybe the only hero worth to try some pools is Peter.

Yeah only Peter on Pirates event worth getting. It’s strange that the rest of the Pirates cards are weaker than in other events

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Dream Titan/Event lineup:

Little John
Li Xiu

That Titan ain’t gettin’ no special charged.

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Yeah … and you don’t do any damage. :wink:

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Well yeah. It was more of a mental exercise than a team I’d actually run with.

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