Event Idea - Curated Heroes Camp

I did read this joke thread

and was thinking “actually why not”? But ofc without whale aspect.

Special challenge stages where you can only use heroes from specific pool.
Every incarnation of this event will have prepared, let’s say, 15 heroes, 3 for each color and you must beat all stages using only these heroes.
But hey, @CL_Fire, it’s clearly P2W event, how new or free players are meant to complete it?
Here’s the deal:

You don’t need to actually have these heroes.

All 15 heroes should be same level for everyone, with same palent path, same troops, same everything. So, where’s the challenge? Challenge is to make good strategy to beat stages used only given heroes, you need to figure out best combination and best use of battle items.

This idea could be, contrary to appearances, profitable for game creators as well. Event should come with custom gate where you can pull all heroes available this very event. That’s why it shouldn’t include ANY new hero, ZERO new content - so people who didn’t pull anything special from this gate will be able to get heroes they want when they will come. To balance it, gate should be gems only, no special coins, but with higher chance to pull special heroes.
Gate don’t sound like something valuable, especially for “whale” players, so where’s the point, where profit? Point is to make this event a showcase of how heroes work. People are more likely to spend on things they had chance to try, when they know how they work.

Let regular players try meta heroes, feel how Xnolphod changes game, realise that Morel is more useful despite of boring-sounded special ability, see that Khufu is a monster even in Slow.

And also make it fun to play.

good idea. when people already taste the premium hero they don’t have (a.k.a temporary borrow it), it will increase their appetite to summon more to get the hero thus will increase spending and benefits SG business

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I had a similar theory, but to make the enemy a titan

My theory is this would show who has the most “skill”. I like the idea of hero trials to encourage you to spend.

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I’d love that. Just like that mini game from Resident Evil 4 (I bet many of you played it) where you can select a pre-determined set of weapons to shoot targets.

I’d love to see an event that offers three options of sets containing 15 random heroes to select and play. Even more cool if those sets are rearranged every time.


Otherwise, I think it would be super cool event to play to. Since it will let you experience new heroes, its reward could be 3 summons in a random portal (S2 to 5, event coins, tower summons and so on…there are so many of them that I actually can’t even remember them all). The reward would also be in rotation, without being totally predictable.

To make it profitable, you can open a portal with only those 45 heroes (3 sets of 15 heroes) as possible legendary pulls and feature 2 or 4 of them (the most desirable to make people spend). The 3 and 4 stars could just be randomized with 3 from each portal.

That would be very fun.


@RebelForces yeah, I said it as well, no new heroes in this gate, only ones you can get from others, this event is suppose to be kinda previewer for people who never had opportunity to check how these heroes works, idea is instead of making instant profit let people try heroes and then they may spend more on gates these heroes are actually in. Focusing on new players not whales for once.

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Was thinking about this a bit and I think it’s totally awesome idea - as reward you can get 1 free pull for a gate of your choice, but you can only choose a gate where one of these 15 heroes are available.

Of course they should be different each time