Event hero shards - A way to get a few event heroes through skill, activity and patience

As it is rather hard to get event heroes without being a big spender or pretty lucky (as for the math, see below), I think, it would be great to have an extra chance to get those highly desired heroes, of course without making event summons (which is probably a big source of money for SGG) irrelevant.

Now only the winners of the three event tiers get one specific event hero, every other player from rank 2 downward doesn’t get any extra chance. Of course the developers won’t be giving away hundereds of Panthers, Guineveres etc. However, there is a possibility to still reward people in lower prize tiers without devaluing the great heroes by making them to easily availabe: Shards of which you have to collect a certain amount to get a free summon.

Completing each difficulty level of the tournament would give a small amount of those shards. The various prize tiers also give shards, starting from very few for the lowest tier to a considerable amount for the top prize tiers. This way, people who actively play the events for several months and have good or even great rankings, but cannot make it to the very top, can collect enough shards to summon a few event heroes.

An example how it could look like:


  • 100 shards to do a summon which gives 88 % chance on 4* hero, 12 % chance on 5* hero
  • 180 shards to do a summon that gives one specific 4* hero
  • 800 shards to do a summon that guarantees a 5* event hero (one out of the three, 1/3 chance for each)
  • 2500 shards to choose one specific 5* event hero
  • The heroes available are those of the current event

Rewards (if using the existing ones, which I’m actullaly not very fond of)

  • 5 shards for completing Rare
  • 10 shards for completing Epic
  • 15 shards for completing Legendary
  • rank 50k-3001 in rare: 3 shards
  • rank 3k -101 in rare: 15 shards
  • rank 100-11 in rare: 25 shards
  • rank 10-1 in rare: 50 shards
  • rank 25k-1501 in epic: 10 shards (I’d rather split this in 25k-5001 and 5k-1501)
  • rank 1500-101 in epic: 30 shards
  • rank 100-11 in epic: 60 shards
  • rank 10-1 in epic: 100 shards
  • rank 5k-301 in legendary: 15 shards (I’d rather split this in 5k-1501 and 1500-301)
  • rank 300-101 in legendary: 75 shards
  • rank 100-11 in legendary: 180 shards
  • rank 10-1 in legendary: 400 shards

Shards could be used in any of the 5 events, but only while the event is active and only for the 5 heroes available during the respective event.

The numbers are of course only examples and could be changed/adapted. What’s important: It should guarantee that it requires some activity and skill (and mats like mana pots, bombs etc. :wink: ) and except for the top ranks also quite some time to collect enough shards so that event heroes aren’t getting too common. But it should also reward activity over a longer period of time, so that unlucky but very active players also get a few of the heroes they would love to have without throwing tons of money into the game.

Oh, and here’s the math mentioned at the beginning:

  • It takes about 3.9k gems on average to get any of the five event heroes (assuming you’re only doing x10 summons which is the “cheapest” way)
  • It requires about 4.6k gems on average to get one out of the two 4*event heroes
  • If you want one specific 4* event hero (if you already have the other one or if you consider the other less useful) it requires about 9.2k gems on average
  • As for 5* event heroes, they come every 100th time on average, meaning it takes 10 x10 summons on average to get any of the three --> 26k gems already
  • To get one specific 5* (like in Teltoc, most people specifically want Panther and don’t care much for Gorilla and Owl), you need to spend 78k gems on average (if you’re unlucky, maybe 200k or more…)


I like this. Think we have discussed this idea before.

Basically, the shards dont guarantee a 5*. I would just enjoy the opportunity once in my 1yr tenor to pull from an event without spending money.

If they would consider something like this, it would get my vote.

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This is a good idea. I’ve been in the same alliance for nearly a year and a half, and I’ve seen good players walk away from the game because they felt there wasn’t any way for them to have a fair chance at special heroes because they weren’t spending money. If these shards can be earned over time through earnest effort, it would be a big help.


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