Event hero chances are atrocious...cmon SG make some changes

What the hell is going on with the chances to actually get an Event hero…during the Event :cry::cry::cry::cry:

If I wanted another Dawa or Bane I’d spend my money in epic hero summon.

Sadly given up spending for the so called Events…when you pull 10 and don’t get a single Event hero.

So there is less than 15% chance to get an Event hero…during its Event…the only time I can…as per the appearance rates below picture.

Those odds would make a Vegas casino owner blush lol.

I totally get it’s a business…I’ve sunk money into a ton of games over the years but this one seems to be the worst…I cannot spend money to actually get what I want…be it a hero or a bloody Tonic! When I’d be happy to drop more money if I could actually get or work towards getting something I want…

Surely the odds could be amended, and SG still make money, so you actually get something from the damn Event and not the standard crap we’ve all got or had 100s of…

I’d love to be able to buy a token or something and when u have x amount you can exchange it for a particular hero…at least that way I can have a goal which I’ll achieve at some point!

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