Event Hero Abilities - Clarification

First off: Thank you! I love these events!
They are an excellent distraction from the normal grind haha! :slight_smile:

Ignore everything below. I need to learn how to read the special description haha!

But running through the event stages and squaring off against these new heros have me a bit confused, and I was hoping for a clarification from @Petri, @RubiKinga and/or @mhalttu as to how the new hero specials are intended to work.

What is supposed to stack with what?
And what is supposed to cancel something out?


  • Normal armor debuff + Elemental armor debuff = stacks.
  • Getting hit by the Purple Panther special removes the entire DragonBanner or Kiril buff (Both offense and defense part)

Any knowledge to drop on this subject guys?

I think they’re all meant to stack as it only applies to one color, not everything.

The panther has a remove buff in her ability, that’s intended.


Haha! I didnt even see that! Thanks for the clarification! I withdraw my post

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It’s a little hidden. I only skimmed it too :slight_smile:

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