Event : Guardians of teltoc

I cant play the event , is rly hard for new players ! Is not fair ! No chance to increase score in Rare , no chance to finish Epic , and for Legendary dont talk …

Just like any other sports you can’t expect to compete with the best right at the beginning. One needs to learn how to walk, before learning how to run. I would suggest that don’t put too much heed in competing in these events, just focus on trying to finish them. There are very good items available just for finishing each tier. Focus on building your roster. I would suggest building 2x rainbow 3* teams, followed by 2x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams, then focus on getting atleast 2x rainbow 4* teams maxed, before moving on to 5 star heroes. Once you have 2x rainbow 4* teams maxed, you will be able to finish all challenge events and rare quests in the game giving you valuable materials for building your future heroes. Also, focus on building your base and maxing out your buildings, so that you can create advanced battle items. You would need lots of them if you ever want to compete in these events, and of course tons of gems for world energy refills. That’s why most of us content with just finishing them. Hope this helps. Happy gaming :slight_smile:


Thx for advice , but i didnt ask for help , it was a conclusion of the event !and btw i dont want to waste a few years to make 1 team of 5* hero ! No help for new players.

Well, I just gave you some logical reasoning as to why your conclusion was wrong. And if you are looking for instant gratification perhaps it would be better if you play some other game before you get too frustrated with this one. In this game it takes years to build good roster of heroes, unless you have tons of money to spend on the game. Just for reference, I have been playing for 9 months and have 6x 5* maxed, 22x 4* maxed and 20x 3* maxed heroes. It takes time and patience to build a good roster and I can easily complete all events, trials, rare quests, etc in the game. Anyway, good luck to you. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s really a pitty, no chance to mess with the best after two weeks of playing. Maybe want to try something else? Bingo?


Been playing 6 months and did epic and just barley finished rare! Got 15 maxed 3* got 4* 3 at 3/60 and 5 that are nearly maxed! One 5* 1/1
Use the advice given above it’s good. Use the heros you got to your advantage on titans and war if your in alliance.
Also maybe take a few pics of your rosta post them on here people will gladly give you advice on what to do!


This isn’t a game you just stroll into and suddenly compete at top levels. Do you expect to be equal with players that have been playing for years in a matter of weeks? It takes time, my friend. I highly suggest you leave the unfounded sense of entitlement at the door and put in the work that everyone else does before claiming anything is “unfair”


Maybe realise that even top tier players started at the bottom and experienced similar issues when they first started?
I too couldn’t believe that when i first started playing basketball at age 6 that I didn’t make it into the NBA when I tried out the following week lol #NOTFAIR!!!


May be i didnt make my self clear ! My english is not my language sry for that ! I say Why to make a contest only for old players and for beginers with hero 3* DONT , i cant do something becouse player with few years behind come and ruin score , they need to go fight for his lvl or something !any game need to have a fair play experience for newcomers , if not the game died , who need to have some months of frustrating losing games?

The only “Advantage” that these players have that you are referring to is the time and effort they have put into the game. I do understand what you are saying but this game is about patience, working your way up from low level and getting better each time.
Stick with it and you will get there.


This bit is the deal breaker, I’ve been playing this about 4 months and am still loving it, and endured everything you are feeling same as most have bar those who spent lots of money. I wasn’t frustrated when i realised i couldn’t compete in certain quests, it made me excited to work towards actually competing in them and now i can to a degree. Can’t do legendary’s yet but i will some day. I think without sounding harsh if it frustrates you that much maybe try something different. Because you should be enjoying this. Most games these days are of the same ilk, we live in an age of pay to play or don’t pay to play but taking a little longer.


I dont know why but almoust all answers sound like you work for the game not like an player ,
i say beginers play with beginers and old players play with old players.

No…we are players just like yourself. I enjoy the game especially the social aspect due to having a high work load and other commitments. I defend the game in the respect that I enjoy the game and how it is designed as I feel it is completely fine. It’s design is to keep players playing and overcome certain challengers. It’s a great feeling beating a player that is far above your team power so I hope that you experience this and just grow in the game the way it is designed.

I started playing in September 2018. Up until only a few months ago I was not able to complete Legendary on any of the challenge events. This was due to the heroes I pulled in my summons. Notice I said “complete”.

If you think for one second you’re strolling into the game and going to “compete” then you better have very deep pockets. That’s about the only way you’re going to get the heroes you need to compete and then the ascension materials to max them without putting effort into the game.

What do I mean by that? Currently waiting in the wings I have no less than (50) 4* or 5* waiting on ascension materials. Most are TC20 trainings but some are event summons like Atlantis that is running now.

I consider myself mid-tier with the bench I have for war and events. Lvl 46 currently.

If you’re not in one already I would suggest joining an alliance and ask for help prioritizing your hero leveling so you can “compete”.

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