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Hello can someone please give me an idea of what one color heroes team can be used to complete all legendary stages. List some below and battle items.

@wvfan49 What does your roster look like for one? Cannot give a proper answer without knowing who is on your roster.

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Here is my roster!

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@wvfan49 Reds we can straight up ignore as red is reflected. As a general team, you might want to take Joon, Justice, Frida, Magni, and Kingston. And on stage 9 replace Kingston with Ursena as two out of the three bosses are Holy and Ursena can punish them. If your Grimm was +19 or +20 I would have suggested him instead of Magni but alas he isn’t. Justice’s blind will come in handy against everyone in general.

In terms of items, pack the traditional bomber pack. Aka, Bomb Attack, Dragon Attack, Time stop, and Super Health Potions.

I hope this can be a good starting point for you. Because your roster is super extensive and I am impressed.

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Well said aunty. But why you level up so many heroes from the same color. Decide one of each color and bring it to max before you start another.


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