Event Gem Deal - Increase Stock from 5 to 10

This has been done when Wonderland rolled out. I loved it and I bought it. I understand that gems = money. But what about this?

You have people who only buy the deals for events. From my observation, that’s many. Do you want them spending 5 or do you want them spending 10?

The spenders are going to spend that and more.

I just feel you would get more money not less.

(doing the math here)

100,000 people who spend $5 = $500,000
100,000 people who spend $10 = $1,000,000

that’s like… a 100% increase!

Now I understand most people can’t do complicated math like that.

but knowing that SG likes money… whew boy does it make sense.

you math is correct, but your logic is incorrect.

some of the ppl that buy these deals, actually buy more then the deals, they buy from the shop where gems cost 2x or more. So if they buy these cheap gems, they won’t buy as much expensive gems because they buy gems for their needs.

some ppl who buy these deals are on a budget, so they won’t buy more anyways

some ppl who buy these deals will start buying more, then start feeling the burden of spending more

businesses take all of those into consideration

math is simple, but logic is hard. that is why ppl can’t do word problems, you have to factor in everything

However, if I was a betting man, I would bet they will change the 99 cent offers soon. something like the atlantis deals because of the new event coins.

It’s something that I want and know many would capitalize.

the logic is sound, even if I overemphasized it.

Bottom line, SG makes more money if they increase the offer stock. That was the point, and that logic is irrefutable.

You’re likely right that the event coins may change the deals anyway.

I would be quite happy if they mirrored the Atlantis deals.

Agreed. I would never, ever buy a regular price store deal. I pay regular price for two things: gasoline and free range eggs.

The offers lately have been all small ones. There hasn’t been an Army Pack or similar 3k gems in about a month or more. Not going to be able to 10 pull Avalon. I don’t understand…

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I do not know for sure… but I feel like the last 30 deal was about this time last month. So they may be holding back. I’m not buying raw gems. not worth it.

I have a budget and need to maximize my chances per dollar. the event deals are the best in the game, with VIP a close second.


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