Event for HOTM

Why not create a event to gain previous HOTM like a special token to use or finish the last level and gain access for a previous HOTM. The HOTM from the first month to the previous month.

That way, will allow the player to earn one shot, one real shot of hapiness.

I like the idea. It’s a lot of work for the devs but could be reusable, as in have the event every other month, alternating with the existing monthly events. Not a token though, a random hero dropped upon completion. I’d look forward to retrying 6 times a year for Hel or Alasie or Ares.

Simple a special summom to give ppl a chance for past HOTM past special event heros.

Do you mean in addition to the one that already exists in the Atlantis Summons?

Yes like a guarentee of a past hero even if it costs more jems. Make it a special event or somthing

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I see, so something like this sort of thing?

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Merged. :slight_smile:

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