Event finished


Firstly, sorry for my English

I had a problem in the event, and I don’t know if it’s a bug. I finished it, and when i left it the time had ended, but I could finish the last level.

I think if I’m doing the last level, and time end when I’m there, it should count to obtain the prizes for finish it. Other thing is if I’m doing 8th or 9th, but not in 10th. It’s hard to do advanced event to don’t have the prize for that


Are you saying the event ended while you were attempting to finish it? Or something else?


Event was open when I started level 10, and when I killed the bosses and went to menu game, the event was processing. I think is illogic, at least it could appear in screen “time has ended”, or throw you away from the battle or something similar, why let you continue the figth if is ended?


You mean, x minutes from the finish, the game shouldn’t allow you to play? 10 minutes? 15 minutes?

I’m not sure I agree; some people can finish faster than others, and I wouldn’t want to deny them the ability to play one last time…