Event finish

Well, event practically started and finished. The normal does not give anything, nor a miserable mat even if you finish it and the advanced is impossible for me to reach the orb, because in the 13th my team does not give. Anyway, it does not seem fair to me.

quit whining, it’s supposed to be fun to play


as you like, to those who leave hundreds of €, broaden the difference, enjoy.

Was like that when I started playing 4 months ago. Easter event just kicked in and I wasn’t able to get anything.

Fast forward to now and I will finish both brackets.

Just have fun and patience. This is a game of months :slight_smile:


… of years. 20 lala ding song

You are using battle items? Meteors, dragon attacks? Hell even axes and arrow help chopping off a good piece.

It’s a lot less fun if you’re not a strong enough player yet to compete for the bigger prizes, I guess?

Sound advice on any given day.

And even if SG tossed in a magic orb somewhere along the 2.400 team strength normal difficulty fight, there’d be someone posting here they can’t get it because it’s too hard for them right now.

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As opposed to the events that hand out extra rewards for those that score the most points, this one is actually not P2W at all.

You can finish both difficulty tiers on easily enough available full 4 star hero teams, well within grasp of free players. Just play smart, craft and use the right consumables. And as always, have a bit of luck with the board.


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