Event exclusive heroes


It sounds like you’re merely inspecting the sample card, not actually doing a summons. A summons pulls a random hero from the available set, and then presents it with a Claim button.


No, for example if I click in Zimkithia and the hero card opens up I can see the card and if I click ok it just closes. There’s not an option to use my gems to get this hero card or any exclusive monthly hero cards. They all just close. Is there a glitch here with playing on an iPhone?


There is no way to summon any specific hero. The Hero of the Month is a bonus that happens rarely when you use gems or tokens on the Epic or Event summons.


Ok makes sense. Thank you.



Thank you! I really do love playing this game. My granddaughter started playing this on my iPad and well that was it for me.

Again, thank you!


I am new here, but i loved this game