Event exclusive heroes

I’ve only been playing for a couple of weeks so I’ve only seen one event. My question is do they ever bring past event exclusive heroes (like the pirate themed ones, etc) back?

Also - the rabbit ones were for easter, right? What about the owl one?

Is there a post or webpage or wiki that shows all of the past exclusive heroes?

Thanks everyone - I am loving these forums and the game so far! :slight_smile:

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Rabbits = Easter

Owl, Panther, Falcon, Jackal, Kong = Teltoc Event

To my knowledge, event and HOTM heroes are not coming back (yet)… SG can certainly change its mind about this one in the future.

I know certain Line groups that have Event heroes and HOTM posted. Our group has all of them except the Easter rabbits. :wink:

Thanks so much! I kind of hope they do bring them back… I’m weirdly fond of that owl lol

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Event heroes do come back, Guardians has run twice already.
So far the event cycle has run; Guardians, Pirates, Guardians, Avalon. So I would strongly expect Pirates to return in February. It seems to take some time to implement new themes and Avalon was unveiled way ahead of launch.

HOTM summons have only been available once.

Seven Days Departeds website is worth looking through, they have all hero cards there too. www.7ddgaming.com

I have to warn you, the character is pretty cool, but the hero is one of the most questionable 5*.

Pirates was actually the 1st event and has also ran twice

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Ah sorry, let me correct my mental hiccup:

Event heroes are not available outside of events (someone had previously asked elsewhere if they could get HOTM or event heroes from day a TC20, to which the answer is “no, not now”.)

Thanks for catching me!

True, I think I repressed any memory of the first round as I’d only just started playing and it was horrible.

In their dev recap roundup/AMA, SGG said that in 2018, people would have a chance to get past HOTM, though they didn’t specify when or how.


TC30 :stuck_out_tongue:

Extra characters


Cost: 40 million iron
Time: 64 days

To the OP: event heroes are only available during the event, but they rerun events. Presumably they are aiming to have some number of distinct events “in the can” and then they’ll retire the oldest to introduce a new one. They need at least two more, IMO, before they shelve Pirates, so you’ll have the chance to get all the event heroes still. (Not that there are any must-have heroes in Pirates. I drew my Marjana from a Pirates event draw when I was a n00b — at first I didn’t realize she wasn’t part of the pirate crew!)

Cabin boy peters was fantastic during the last event (Camelot).

I wonder if the noob bunnies will return during Easter. Nobody likes them.

when your “special” introduces a negative effect on yourself, that’s not really “special” unless you’re meaning it in the offensive way. those guys were definitely pre any beta testing/pre-get advice from ppl who actually play the game. They’re cool in a theme-like manner, why not just re-introduce them and edit their skills to not suck.

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chance: .0000000001%

(just to get to 20 characters this is the % :))

Didnt they recently get a nerf too, like in the last couple of weeks for some reason, that made them even worse?

What was the easter event, anyway?

“You have the chance if you pay again.”

I really hope they do!

Now I’m gonna be up all night, wondering how soon! Must have an HOTM! :grin:

When I try to get an exclusive hero the only thing that happens when I click the ok button is the hero card closes. Is there something I’m doing wrong. I’m playing on a iPhone.

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