Event Epic Summon Token vs. Epic Summon Token awards

I think that its fine to have an Epic Summon Token be totally random when you get it in a treasure chest… But when you win an event, your Event Epic Summons Token should result in a guaranteed 4 * or 5* character. Or better yet, make challenging events for 3* teams to earn 4* characters, and 4* teams to earn a 5* character. I’ve been playing for over 2 years now and have one 5* character. And about two rows of 4* characters. Seems kind of unfair to be playing that long and have so little to show for it. Getting 5* characters randomly is just too hard and random.

This does seem a little low. How many TC20 do you have and how often do you run them?
The estimated odds from tc20 are better than tokens.


In addition to Jonah.

One TC20 should give you 18 5* heroes and 72 4* heroes in two years in average!

Either you are very very unlucky or you missed the purpose of TC20

Well, aside from the fact that it took me about 10 mins to figure out what a TC20 is… I have one Training Camp that is level 20. And honestly, while I I DO have the epic summoning option in it, I haven’t used it much because I’ve been using lots of lower level toons to quickly feed the leveling of what toons I have. At the moment, I have about 3 4 * toons I am working on, and once I am past that point, I’ll take a look at trying to get more epic characters from my TC20. Most of the 4 and 5* toons I have, I got from summons…not training.

The chance from TC20 is around 5%, where it’s about 1.5% on summons… So it’s definitely worth it. Even if it takes 2 days per summons.


In a way, Costumes helped and hurt me… Its like, on one hand, you get toons with slightly better abilities, and in some cases, toons of a class at a 4* level that I hadn’t had before…so yay… But at the same time, having to rebuild that character still eats a lot of extra toons, and has kept me from developing more epic characters in training. At least the emblems transfer automatically and you don’t have to rebuild those.

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If you’ve been playing for 2 years and you only have that few heroes you must be free to play. That’s ok I am too. But you need to prioritize TC20 starting yesterday and getting at least 2 or maybe 3 TC20 going. When I was running 2 I was averaging 1-2 5* a month roughly. 4* I have every single one and many I have 6-7 of. I never do elemental summons. I started sept 2018 and now have 24 5*. 2 were HOTM from EHT and one from an Atlantis pull. Everything else from TC20. You just need to prioritize what you are doing in your base


Yeah…I’m a cheap bastard. I look at it like, Skyrim was $60, and I waited till it was $25 before I broke down and bought it. And now there are games that want to charge $20 to get some gear a little faster? Pffffff!

I am the same way. I have a lot of 5* dups from season 1. I would keep either 2 or 4 TC20’s going at all times. I am only missing three 5*'s from season 1, but only want one of them (Triton, I am fine without him as I was lucky enough to get Vela). I have fourty 5*'s, but the specials are Mother North (my luckiest/favorite pull ever), Vela, JF, Khiona (my 1st 5*, but still have her at 2/60), Zeline, Joons costume, and Elena’s costume. I only have 5 fully leveled though.

As others have said, TC 20 is your solution to the utter lack of 5* Heroes. It’s crucial for free/cheap players to get a good base of 4* and 5* heroes.

After I started this thread, I got one of my training camps to 20. And so far I’ve gotten 2 4* and one 5* toons from it. Not long after I got it to 20. Right now, I am kind of trying to decide where to go, because I got some other 4 and 5* toons from challenges. So I went from having 1 5* character in the last 2 years, to having 4 now. I’ve been using the other two training camps to just keep pumping out 1-3* toons to keep leveling my existing toons.

Congratulations. I’d keep that TC 20 humming along. You’ll keep getting some 4* & 5* heroes, and the other camps can get you the feeders you need. What levels are you running the other TC’s at right now?

You mention “other two” training camps, did you convert one to something else?

Yeah, I made one of my training camps a Troop Training camp. My “two training camps” are level 9…which was the minimum I could get away with to get all of the colors I want to keep pumping out feeders…

Are they only expanded to level 9, or are you running them at 9, or both? Color-specific training is generally a bad idea.

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You need to start reading forum threads much much more. I really think your understanding of the long term game mechanics would significantly impove. Having so little heroes (toons, as you call them) and only one TC20 after having played for such a long time is hard to understand… I have been playing 100% for free for two years now and think about my self as being very unluxky when it comes to summons, but still I have 31 x 5* heroes (mostly from TC20). For a free player, a minimum of one TC20 should be running round the clock, but in your case I would recomand running at least two of them at all times to get some 5* heroes… two years is a really long time not to have something to show for it…

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Agreed! But I think this case is actually the average for many players, at least those who don’t spend a lot / weren’t lucky in their early summons / don’t read the forum etc. Which encompasses a lot more players than you might think.

TC20 is an absolute must-have for any F2P or C2P player. This is a reality that is sadly not explained sufficiently in-game, and unfortunately, there are many alliances out there that are less than helpful when it comes to educating their members.

@MainFragger I think you would be better off by not focusing on specific color training. Specific color feeding? Yes, that I do support, as you get additional XP from feeding on-color. But as for the training itself? So much cheaper to just train generic feeders and feed them to their corresponding colors.

At least that’s how I do it. I know some people play by just leveling one hero at a time. That’s fine, and it’s a perfectly viable strategy if you’re only worried about getting that one hero maxed ASAP. Me? I play the long game and I think about having multiple options in each color for wars and titan color stacking. I try to make sure I always have one available project in each color. I train random feeders from TCs (1, 2, 11, and 19)… when I get purples? I feed them to my purple project; yellows to yellow project, etc.

It’s not a rush game… my heroes don’t level as quickly as someone who does off-color feeding of everything to one hero. But? I’m also not just leveling one hero. I’m leveling an entire team at a time.

And seeing as how you’ve been playing for 2 years or so, you already know that it’s not a rush game, so you should be okay with this. Took you this long just to get a few 5* heroes, surely you can wait a little bit longer to level them all up, right? :wink:

My own personal example: currently I am leveling Malosi for yellow, Miki for blue, Hansel for green… just finished Santa Claus for red, so now feeding my reds to costumed Boldtusk… purples I’m giving to costumed Renfeld. Once I finish any one of those, I have backup projects for each color. If I run out of backup on-color projects? That’s when I’ll start feeding off color. And I only feed off-colors to heroes that already have their special skills maxed.

Not saying my method is necessarily the most efficient way, but I have a fairly decent team I think? Not nearly as great as those who have been playing for 3+ years or spent thousands of dollars, but I do alright. :sunglasses:

I am using two TCs that are level 9… Not merely using training as if I were at level 9 (which is really not the way it works, anyway…I’d be silly if I thought that way…)

The reason I started going after a specific color for training is that when I am trying to level 5* toons toward the top levels of their last chevron, their leveling slows down A LOT… So, I try to get as many 3 and 2 * toons as possible for feeding. And all of the one stars go into whoever I’m levelling next. As an example, for the last 15 levels of Joon, I really leaned on the 3 and 2 start toons to pump him up as fast as possible, and then started Magni with my 1* toons. Until Magni gets to his last 15 levels, I’ll be happy to throw all toons into feeding him, but once he’s at that last 15-20 levels, I’ll probably save up 3 and 2 * toons, and then start Quintus with 1* toons.

The reason for not coming to these forums, and also for having under developed houses, farms, and mines is because I’m a casual and lazy gamer. And for the most part, until I started getting 5* toons, all of those things didn’t even seem that necessary to build. I rarely struggled to have any resource that I needed other than ascension materials and emblems…

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I’m fairly casual myself. And yeah, it takes forever to level up 5* heroes. 3* heroes unfortunately do not boost them up nearly as much as I think they should.

You have a TC20, yes? How many rugged clothes do you have? If you have a substantial amount, I highly recommend running TC19. It will only churn out 1* feeders, but it churns them out at an absurdly fast rate. Fill that sucker up, go autoplay your grinding missions to fill your monster chest… by the time your monster chest is full? You’ll also have enough feeders in your TC19 to make significant progress on leveling your 5*s.

Just a suggestion, though. We all play in our own styles and at our own rate. I’ve just found that specific color training is too expensive in terms of resources to be worth it for me, personally.

I was going to edit my comments, but saw you reply, so I let you finish before I added my thought…

I SHOULD have said, “I get 3* and 2* toons of the same color as who I am leveling”… That really does seem to work…to me…

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Rugged clothes? Hmmmm…Is 3,421 enough?