Event enemies

Has anyone put together a list of the event enemies?
Here’s what I got for stage 8.

Round 1 Rune Stag 930 Stone Phantom 895 Rune Stag 930
Round 2 Rune Stag 930 Stone Phantom 895 Stone Phantom 895
Round 3 Merlin 1790 Morgan Le Fay 2187

This is such bs… Guinevere is way to strong 17 minutes to beat level 3 intermediate?

The event is balanced to be challenging even for a full team of the highest rarity heroes allowed in each tier. With a 3* in your lineup and without doubling purples, I’m not surprised Guinevere could out-heal your damage for 17 min. You need to kill both her and Morgan very quickly, preferably before they cast a single special. Try to use the two waves of minions to create diamonds of useful colors and enter the boss stage with all your specials ready.

I had a similar experience. Her super is super annoying. Wait for vampire chick whose vampire ability can’t be cured with an antidote. That’s where I’m stuck.