Event Draws are Such a Disappointment


I don’t know why I get so exited about event heroes. I usually drop some cash during events to try and draw those heroes with little or no success with the exception of the heroes I have drawn a dozen times before. Increased chance my fanny. It is to the point where I won’t put money down during events. WTG E&P


I got lucky and got two Jackals, an Elkanen, and a bonus Zimkitha, plus about five 4*s in 2 10x pulls.


Gratz but none of the main draw heroes like panther or owl which is my point


Yeah, but I don’t expect those…those are like 1% shot, but I did get Zim. :slight_smile:


Depends on the draws you do I did 8 10x last night and 4 today and finally got the bonus I would expect the event heroes to be the increased chance not the ones you can draw every other day of the year that’s what is frustrating after playing for 9 months


I am a dedicated player and don’t intend to quit cause the game is fun for the most part and they do seem to be slowly improving it but I will not need as many gems for what I do so that’s just money E&P LOSES. I am sure there are other players that have the same frustration. Just voicing mine. Events don’t live up to the hype in my mind.


Wait, you wanted Owl?


No I have tried 3 separate times all with several 10 draws after panther this time with 12 separate 10 draws the odds must be 1 in about 10,000 to draw her but I have noticed the lack of the event heroes draw through all the events


I’m sure you know, but getting a specific 5* event hero is .33%.