Event difficulty needs to be reviewed!

Love the idea of these events. They make the game that much more engaging. However, devs. need to lighten up on how difficult they make the events (and normal levels too for that matter!!) Yikes. I created a low level team to play beginner level in the Avalon event. Barely made it through wave 1. Lost 3 heroes and the two left were barely alive. And that’s using my resources too!!! Same for other two difficulty levels. Folks, it’s good to keep the game challenging but if it’s too difficult then it becomes an exercise in frustration. Devs, remember…everybody likes to win. Lighten up a bit…please!!!


I have a 3* team of fully maxed heroes with additional maxed 3* heroes to choose from. I completed the beginner tier. (Had to add a healer and replay lvl 10 to pass it). My current ranking is around 15000. If there are more than 15000 players that completed the tier and did better than me, it’s hard to claim that it is too hard. Maybe you are mistaken as what the challenge is. Your team should be very close to the maximum allowable. I know there are players who have done well in the advanced tier without five 5* heroes but that is because the color of heroes and their buffs and debuffs really matter. I like the difficulty of the event. If you can not field a team strong enough to compete, you need to work more on your team.


Agreed I stopped playing the event after completing the first 4 stages of beginner and the first 2 in intermediate. Too difficult and not going to waste all my battle items…simply not worth the rewards.


The events is NOT for low level players or newbies.


I feel the event could benefit from being easier, but you also don’t want to alienate those with strong teams by then trivialising it for them.

I think the answer lies in having a 2 tier difficulty in each of the main bands, with rewards appropriate to the band and tier.

As they are, see the Event more as ‘end game’ content. By introducing an easier band of difficulty they can be made more inclusive without losing their ‘end game’ appeal.


It would be wonderful if events could be linked to a persons power, if your power is up to 2000 they should somehow allow people who has 2000 power to enter that event…and call it Tier one.

Between 2000 and 3000 call it Tier 2 and only people who falls in that power range should be able to participate.

The same goes for 3000+ their own challenge within their own league.

I suppose in a way it is done with begginer, intermediate and advanced but they can definitely tweak it to make it A LOT EASIER for low power (level) players.


I believe the tier difficulties are just right. Here’s why:

If you didn’t have a strong enough team to finish the final stage of a tier, that should motivate you to strive for a stronger team by the next event. Two months ago I was unable to finish Advanced. And ‘Advanced’ is named that for a reason. Not everyone should be able to finish it. And not everyone should be able to face-roll it with ZERO items. To complain that one has to use items to finish borders on elitism.

Another reason for the difficulty is that it forces us to find new strategies to defeat the higher stages. Do you really think the devs don’t play these final bosses and determine the level of difficulty? You think they just toss them out willy-nilly, and good luck to the poor players? Come on. How many of you have at least 10 epic/legendary heroes? Do you stockpile them and look for different, more effective combos? You should.

Sometimes it takes a mundane, boring hero to turn the tide. Last month I figured out that Boril was the answer against the bosses. I had previously overlooked him.

The point is, if you can’t finish the final stage of Advanced no matter what you do, you’re just not there yet. And if you can’t face-roll it and that irks you, you might want to have a look inside at your ego.


Hmmm… I see your point, but only half agree.

Why? Because the game gets a bit samey after a while, and the events make a nice break.
What you’re arguing is really that the Event is end-game content and we should just be alright with that if we can’t hack it yet. I don’t entirely agree.

I feel it would benefit from 2-tier difficulty to be more inclusive to allow others who aren’t yet ready for the end-game type difficulty to still experience a change and take part. (I don’t believe the ‘Easy’ tier qualifies… it’s still very hard).

I’m perfectly fine with presenting a challenge for those who want it… but I’m also a believer in offering the more casual player a chance to take part as well. 2-level difficulty can achieve that. The ones seeking a challenge will still have it. The ones seeking competition and/or ego will still have it. But the ones feeling alienated by the difficulty setting will still have something interesting and different to do.

Yes, it will mean further testing to tweak the easier setting… but probably not nearly as much. It’s more important and difficult to accurately fine-tune the ‘hard’ difficulty than it is to get an easier difficulty right.

Guess if SG doesn’t have the bandwidth it’d be better to keep the difficulty where it is (well, actually more close to the previous 2 events than this one imo)… but if they do have the bandwidth then a 2 tier system (easy vs normal) would be good. Could make the 2 mutually exclusive - can only enter one or the other… to stop all the better players making it impossible for the casual gamers to compete in ‘easy’ mode, and stop them from being able to easily double up on prizes.

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The whole thing though, I’m not so convinced this event was any more difficult than the others. I’m not the sharpest player out there, nor do I have anything flashy of a team choice, and each event has actually seemed easier than the last. This time I didn’t lose any stages, nor did I replay any for a better score. Ended up finishing ~3500/1300/1300 and that’s about what I got last month. It was of course not close to worth it to push advanced to hit the top 1k level.

I seem to be missing the point of “event too hard” sentiment around the forum the last several days. Maybe rewards too low for the effort?

I totally agree…on the intermediate level there was one character that could not be killed at all. You could not use positions or a hero for an antadote for her power and every time you hit her, her health went up.

Maybe we should just give everyone a trophy and loot, so nobody feelz bad.

I agree with OP. I just started 5 days ago and my team was getting stomped in the beginner event. Instead if was year long players kicking stomping it.
Is there anything for beginners that are purchasable, deals or something?

Nope… will settle for people having a chance to try something different that doesn’t frustrate the hell out of them… alternatively they can just slowly continue losing their minds grinding the same old map levels every day.

In what way can you confuse that with ‘just give everyone rewards’?


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I’m not sure if ‘difficult’ is the right word, exactly. I just found it a really annoying combination of enemies to face. I got through Intermediate ok and only really had to commit to battle items in the final battle… but I really did not enjoy the journey.

I enjoyed previous events a lot more (even though my team for this one was stronger).

Combined with the really pants rewards and I had no motivation to even try Advanced. (I expect I’d have been able to finish it, with more assistance from battle items… but to me wasn’t worth the candle).

Would have certainly been nice to get better than a lone shield, though that is the one 3* ascension material I need most right now.

Will be interesting to see how things get tweaked for the Feb. event.


Your counter argument is simply a reiteration of complaints.

Nope again. My counter-argument was simply (a blunt) re-stating of the idea of a 2 tier difficulty suggestion in order to be more inclusive. It was an idea… not a complaint, phrased as it was due to the summary blunt dismissal of the original idea.

Let’s try a simple test in logic… to expand… and hopefully not be misconstrued as a complaint:

Let’s say the game producers choose to target only the ‘Leet’ players for all their new content - making it accessible only to them… leaving nothing else changed for the rest of ‘the crowd’.
How many people do you think would end up playing that out of the total game population?
What happens to the rest when they get bored with the content they have and find the new content too frustrating and non-rewarding?
What happens to the chance that they will continue to spend (or watch ads) to boost revenue to allow the developers to continue to produce more content?

Now… let’s say the game producers decide to make this new content accessible to ALL players… but still allow the ‘Leet’ players their level of challenge (presumably for better rewards).
Now how many people do you suppose would play the event then?
Now how many would leave out of boredom if the event is accessible to them and interesting / new?
Now how many will be encouraged to continue to level and spend and watch ads to get to the stage where they can partake in the more challenging tier of such events (presumably for better rewards)?

So who loses if we target only the Leet?

  • A large portion of the player base who choose not to take part because it’s inaccessible or frustrating.
  • The Leet players because players leaving the game drop or slow revenue and spread negative word about it which holds the game back.

Who wins in targetting only the Leet?
No-one. (The Leet still get to play in the hybrid one at the same challenge level and rewards)

Now who loses in making the event more inclusive…?

It can boil down to this phrase which I trust doesn’t sound like a complaint…

There . is . no . penalty . for . making . a . game . more . inclusive.

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Straw man argument. I never said “make this new content accessible to ONLY the Leet.”

I completed easiest stage. Not so bad but ended before reaching end of advanced after my ally coleagues with 5* heroes said they barely completed it, mostly because of Albericht. I knew I had no chance with full 4* squad so I left it. I also barely finished boss, single one, 2 stages before end. I think I will leave next event unattended. Even if I finish something it doesn’t matter, I am not VISA warrior and I don’t put hundreds on bucks to be somewhere higher where any reward is. And you have to buy artifacts like bomb attacks and arrows to reach the top. Totally not worth it.

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In my team i have one 5* and the rest are 4* i completed advanced… Just. While i do get that the loot kinda sucks sometimes, if everyone got all the loot all the time the game would simply be full of maxed out heros and would become full of people complaining about something else. The event for me was a welcome change/challenge. Im sure some people dont like a challenge, if you dont simply dont enter the event?
that said give me my 2 poison darts and mysterious tonic i need!!

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