Event company flub

I don’t normally complain, but here it is. The time bonus issue was completely disheartening. I used rare battle items on the beginner level only to find out that all my effort and battle items were used up and wasted. To be told oops, we apologize is not very appropriate. I realize that there can be issues with updates, but seriously? No compensation? I pay a lot of money on this game! I did 14 summons and got 2 4* and the rest 3 stars. I understand the chance thing and all, but come on Small giant. I think you can do better than to apologize for your update mishaps and deal out paid summons a little bit better.

Two things on this matter.

1: Insanely quick response and fix by SGG. Impressive and great work!

2: A small token of in-game compensation could actually be in order. On the magnitude of like 1xWorld Energy Flask, 10xBombs, 10xMana Pots.

But I’m basically just happy the “Completion Reward woohoo hand outs” are back! :slight_smile:


I hear ya and agree. Even a world flask would be appropriate! However, my game on android has been totally freaking out! Approaching titans is one. I am not insane lol I must say, that I do love this game! If I didn’t, I would never have spent money. I have very high hopes for continuing, but we need a little insentive! By the way, this is the only app, I have ever spent money on! It is not a total disappointment! But, please! Help me keep going. I am almost at the end of my rope! I want to be a beta tester!

Keep a look out for Beta testing “open for application” posts. Hang in there and enjoy the game :slight_smile:

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At this point, I wouldn’t waste my time beta testing for small giant. :frowning:

Ok, then dont apply. Thats one problem solved :slight_smile:

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I’m trying to reconcile your two statements:

  1. I want to be a tester!
  2. I wouldn’t waste my time.

I’m confoozled! You’re confoozling me! :wink:


I am disheartened from going forward in this game.

I’m sorry to hear that. There is a lot of free content that is made available in the game.

If you get re-enheartened, perhaps you will find it. :wink:


I need empires rehab cause I am paying small giant without much return

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Bull dooey Rook. I have gone through content. Just learning how this games screws everyone.

By the way rook, it isn’t the ppl that play it. They have been screwed as well.

As a player who has lived for the free content (and, oh heck, lots of paid content), I have to disagree.

I’m sorry you are having a rough time though.

Ha, i am good now Rook! I just read…“You know you have been playing E & P too much…” I laughed the whole way through it! I related to yours a lot! Lmao

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