Event coins nerfing complain thread

TLDR: As a former F2P and now VC2P player, the nerfing of event coins is total crap. I hear SG saying loud and clear that you’re worthless, get off my lawn.

Previously, you could farm Rare-3 at the cost of 1 WE. That gave you 8 chest pulls. (Not to mention a bunch of XP/WE.). Now for 2 WE you can farm R-1 and get 8 chest pulls or farm R-2 and get only 6 chest pulls. XP is obviously better in R-2 but the event coins less.

Go ahead and complain here OR tell me that I need to spend money if I want to have anything other than an army of TC20 4*s.


Do the coins drop randomly? Or are they on a timer?

There are only 10 levels at each difficulty, not 15 like other events. The increased WE makes sense.


as i recall from somewhere. chests are random but don’t have the same appearance chance in all difficulties and stages.

i love 10-stage event
15 each difficulty is too much (45 stages total compared with 30 stages now)


I don’t understand your maths here. Are you saying that you are more likely to get event coins from rare 1? I don’t get the 8 pulls to 6 pulls?

Aren’t you really saying that by doubling the WE for the lowest rare level you get half the coins per WE when farming? If so, I get it and agree. They’ve done this to reduce the impact of low level farming on accelerating your progress. Not really sure why

Nothing changed :slight_smile:


This new version of R-2 which has the best XP/WE had two bosses on wave 3 of 3. I am assuming that a chest cannot spawn in the place of a boss. Hence why farming here reduces your “chest pulls” to six.
IIRC, the old R-3 had a boss with two enemies on either side, making 8 “chest pulls”.

Yep, it seems to me that this is the next implementation from SG to reduce the “free” stuff that was available to newer players. From what I see and hear these are:

  1. Reduction of 3* and 4* unfarmable mats from all sources
  2. Reduction of Atlantis Rising time and the rate at which Orihalcum Seadragons appear
  3. Making the challenges in the Path of Valor 7 almost impossible to complete up to the 4* mat for newer players
  4. Introducing trainer heroes in the challenge portal (translates into a 10% complete waste for new players), removing the WE Rare stage at the challenge event, altering it to have less chance of dropping a monster chest

They’re not quite forcing us all to spend but are actually slowly urging us to do so if we want to progress.

Sorry, but you asked for it, you need to spend money.

My roster is pathetic compared to what I have spent. Most 4’s and half my 5’s are TC20 I have almost nothing for ~$1000 + but 2 Mists, Vela, Zulag and Master Lepus, Bertila, Joot and some sweet 3 stars for tourneys. The other 3 x 5’s are totally worthless featured heroes, 3 Elenas, Azlar and Quintus. They are so slow you can’t even charge them before death so tile damage only or Rush attack tourneys

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I don’t think that Rare 1 has a very measurably lower percentage of chest droppage compared with Rare 3 on the other events. I also would prefer the 975 XP Rare 3 (with 8 possible chests) on the other events, but I don’t think it was malicious… The fact that some people are crying out “Halleluja, a shorter event!” speaks to the fact that there are different opinions possible.

I am ranking pretty much exactly where I was in the other events. I haven’t done as many replays since the levels are more expensive, and am therefore sitting on 9 coins and a little disappointed about that. Hopefully I can find one more chest when I tweak my score.

Frankly, the challenge events are not the place to be looking to get away from the TC20 4*s. The drop rates are horrible. Playing cheaply over 2 1/2 years, out of all six challenge events, I have
Villains: Edd
Wonderland: Nothing
Pirates: Finley and Vodnik
Grimmforest: Gretel and Pixie
Guardians: Falcon and Bat
Avalon: Bauchin

But I’ve gotten a lot of good heroes from other portals. The 1% chance of a 5* in this portal is intended to make those heroes rare/elite, i.e. whale food. Celebrate if lightning strikes, but don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t.


Quintus gets used by me in every war and my Purple stack is one of my hardest hitters.

Quintus fires 8/10 times and by the time I fire him I usually have him set up to be the finisher. He needs a bit of baby sitting but as it was cleanse war this time I swapped CRigard back to normal Rigard and that kept him healthy.

He doesn’t get a lot of love but you give him the right support and he’s nuclear. I have other V.Fast choices that Quintus keeps out of the team.


I have just 4 x 5 star purples, Sartana, Obakan, Zulag 3/70 and a 2/60 Quintus

I’m ranked around the 350,000 top player mark. :rofl:

It’s been mentioned before, but all the challenge events started with 10 levels and the WE costs/level the League of Villains has right now. Over time, each challenge event was expanded to 15 levels and the WE cost was reduced.

Presumably they will expand League of Villains and the next new challenge event that’s coming (the name escapes me at the moment), at which point the WE costs/level will drop again.

Personally I haven’t noticed any difference in the rare enemy (i.e. challenge coin chest) drop rate.

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That’s freaking hilarious and spot on.

remember its a business to them and a game to us dollars will always come before anything we are just a number if you think otherwise your kidding yourself

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Have you or has anyone else tracked this? There are far more sources to get these mats from, so I’d love to see some tracking over time to see if any drop rates have reduced. The few accounts I have seen of this being done have indicated that overall drops have increased over time

I wouldn’t mind AR being longer, but given the number of events these days maybe it is not feasible. Again, have the appearance rates of dragons been tracked? To me they are sht, and have always been sht, so no difference. There was one time when there was some sort of bug that was retrospectively corrected and a small handful of dragons awareded

How has this changed from the first POV? I have seen some accounts from (relatively fresh) FTP players who have specified it is possible to get through to the 4* mats without having to the diamond arena challenge for example. You do realise that not all content should be accessible to everyone, right? When I first started I couldn’t get the 4* mats from the rare quests. I couldn’t get past MN in the christmas event. so couldn’t get the 4* mat there. How is POV any different?

This was done at the behest of members of the forum community as a “no impact” QOL change. It doesn’t increase revenue for SG and in theory would be appreciated by the community (which for the most it is, as indicated by the poll). There are some newer(?) players who do not appreciate not being able to snag a Bane, but this small chance of losing out on a Bane or Skittle to an equivalent trainer really won’t have any impact to a developing roster, particularly as this is one of the worst portals to pull from for newer players (pretty bad for older players too, truth be told).

The format of the event matches the original format of all events - I am not sure why it was launched like this but the assumption is it will be aligned at some point in the future. I highly doubt malicious intent in release it in this format.

They are already doing this with the power creep of new heroes. They are not doing through these strategies that you believe you are observing


You seem to have read up a lot on the forum for a newer player. :+1:

As @Homaclese has already responded to your four points, no point to rehash.

I’ve been playing for 3+ years (started out as 100% f2p, now vc2p). If I knew what I know now, I’d look for another game that is generous to f2p.

For example, daily login reward, weekly/monthly login reward, guaranteed epic/legendary hero reward etc.

Anyway, I’m expecting a return to the 15 stages challenge event next month. I can’t see them reworking the other challenge events back to 10 stages, unless it’ll coincide with costumes for event heroes. :thinking:


Being honest I haven’t seen a noticeable drop on the mysterious chests this time around.

But then I don’t see that many from farming Rare 3 in the 15 stage events either.

From generally play this time I got over 10 coins which felt about par for me :man_shrugging:

I stupidly maxed Obakan instead then, fast but hits like a wet noodle and isn’t that sturdy. I ignored @sleepyhead advice to level Quintus. :anguished:

on balance @sft1965 , I think you were prioritizing Titan hits when you maxed Obakan. And Obakan has the slightly higher attack value, while his self-riposte is arguably slightly more useful on Titans than Quintus’ AoE hit.

anyway, mats will come for Quintus, in time :wink:


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