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Hello @Petri @Kerridoc i have a question regarding the upcoming event. I should be making a push however i will be traveling the same weekend and should not have internet access for a week. So i will not be able to “claim” the loot when the event ends, and will probably regain access only when the event icon on quests map has already faded. does it automatically load to my inventory?

Which event are you talking about? Raid Tournaments, Challenge Event, Summer Event or Atlantis Rises? :thinking:

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Pirates challenge event, thank you!

If you don’t play the event it is not possible to get the Event rewards, sorry!


I will play, i will compete thursday and friday
Saturday should be traveling, and therefore sunday i won’t be able to “claim” the rewards for probably a week.
Say i stay it top 100, do i still get to claim the items once i log into the game again a week later?

Yes, in that case the rewards will be applied to your account when you login back.


Thank u for your prompt response! I will be making my run then! :slight_smile:
Have a good day!

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