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i am seeing lots of complaints regarding the events and the rewards. knowing that only a tiny handful of (likely) P2W players are the only ones that will receive decent rewards many players seem to be choosing to not play it, or only play to complete the challenge and then be done with it.
why waste a bunch of materials knowing that its unlikely to win anything worth it.
my suggestion:
instead of competing against each other, why not just set point goals to achieve rewards.
for instance if there are 10 levels then you need to beat a total of 500k points to obtain the best reward set, 450k for tier 2, etc.
i think this would encourage people to continue to play it and not feel like they have no chance. as it is, i have no intention of trying to place in the ranks, i’ll complete intermediate and probably beginner and then call it quits. i have no chance of beating the people with maxed out teams so i’m not even gonna try, but if you gave me a simple target goal, i’d probably keep trying to up my score.


I have said it before, but yes, I would definitely like to see it happen.

Achieving a high score and then see yourself fall down in the last few hours of the event three spots or so below the prize threshold, when I may not be able to play (or playing and getting shit boards), is very disheartening and honestly it’s why I’m not bothering at all anymore.

Complete and forget - and sadly, it’s nowhere near as fun as trying to better myself. But at least it’s not going to frustrate me in the end.

What I like about this game is that usually it mixes challenge with a very relaxed play style that allows for experimentation and just general chill attitude. Find a tactic, get a nice board, achieve a goal, or try again. Enjoy yourself.

For fierce real-time competitiveness I had League of Legends where you have to be mindful and present through the entire match.

The way these events are right now brings this real-time and failure pressure into the mix and it’s simply not something I can enjoy in a game like this that I want to play to relax.

Like I said before:

  • set thresholds for item reward tiers
  • reward top players by unique portraits

I’m pretty sure SG could gather enough data from Beta to know how high the thresholds should be. Hell, I’d even be okay if they re-adjusted them 24 hours into the live event, provided everyone knew that it would happen.


I really like this idea. It would be a great way to make the decent rewards attainable for more people and not just have the same person win all the events every month. If not a system like this, then keep the current system, let everyone complete all the levels for completion loot but before you begin the event, declare which leve you want to be eligible to achieve rank in, so that it’s not the same people winning each level and more people have a chance at better loot.

I like the idea, but more importantly I do not see it as being mutually exclusive to the Competition-based rewards.

People mistake the criticism of rewards as jealousy of those who are competitive enough to get the best ones. This is incorrect - I have no problem with the top players who put in the most time and money competing against one another to earn the top rewards. Power to them.

What I do have a problem with is a failure to acknowledge the considerable effort of the remaining thousands (majority) of players who attempt and finish the event with rubbish rewards.

So I’d say you can do both. The idea of the OP gives an escalating reward path for those who want to devote time to beat their own score and try make it to the next reward tier.

But still offer worthwhile rewards for the top ranked finishers. The best of both worlds.

Great idea @ruse , and does not need to be at the cost of those who are driven more by the competition.

Thanks. Now we just need the devs to see it as not only a valid option, but likely a more lucrative one for them. I, and many others, will not be spending resources and money to try and place in the ranks. But, if you have me a specific target goal that isn’t ever changing, I’d be far more likely to keep trying.
Heck, you could still show who the top scorers were in each level and some people may take the challenge to get in that coveted spot, too.


I like the idea.

But i think a mix would be better.
Just like now there are rewards for the top scorer.
Maybe a portrait, an event hero and/or mats. Just like now but much less.
In addition there are rewards for completing and also for reaching certain scores.

The could be like
375, 450, 525 for beginner
525, 600, 675 for intermediate
600, 700, 800 for advaned

That should roghly be the scores that equal the actual reward ranking.

Rewards should be less then now ofc.
That way more people would paticipate in the events and even get something for their personal limit/score.

Maybe even implement a „reward pack“. That way you can choose between 2 or 3 reward packs that suit you the most. Combined with the reward score marks mentiond above it would give much more versatility to the event and the rewards.


I expand on the ‘reward pack’ idea (or a derivative of it) in a separate post… linked below.

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