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Good morning … today I was gathering gems to make an event call …
only when I made the call came the oberon a hero who was not in the event call …
I want my 300 gems back because I could have been a hero of 4 stars or higher … this is a shame to have a cheat of this in the game …
My email in the game:
Log in to the game: Xorah®
alliance: Hanibal {BR} ®

Bug in new Pirate Event - Received a character not in the list

I’ve edited the first post, as posting personal information (including e-mail addresses) is against the forum rules due to the privacy reasons.

Regarding the topic, please note that all heroes included in Epic Hero Summon are in the Event Summon roster as well.


more like hero does not appear among those who are in the event call of anyone of the alliance … it is a failure of the game why should I have a hero of the ones that appears in the summons of event does not have nor the photo of the oberon there is I shot he … so can I come any hero of the whole game ???


Like all summons, the list is not all inclusive. The event summon is like a normal epic summon during event heros mixed in


the problem is that there is no oberon among the heroes that appears in the event call …
but the summoning of the event she is in the elemental summoning and then an exclusive summons …
so you should either give me back the gems I gave or give me a higher hero …


Hi Petri, thanks for clarifying it :grinning:

Frankly I didn’t realize that as well. I also thought with the Event Summons, it is like WYSIWYG within the displayed list of cards. And given somehow it is a shorter list than usual it appeared to be a better one to try again and again lol
Oh well now something to think of before rolling singles in Event Summons I believe. I currently stay away from epic summons, as I so far always received existing 3* heroes. Nothing is easy and what it seems these days I guess. Let’s all get luckyyy :sunglasses:


It clearly states that not all are shown


I wish the fine print were bigger. Ah well. :wink:


The fact that you can pull a hero that isn’t shown in the examples wasn’t clear to me either. Is this only in the “Event Summon”? I haven’t noticed this behaviour in other sumons …

To be honest, the fine print would not make that clear to me either, but that might be because English isn’t my native language. I think DEV’s should try harder to be clear about such matters, so players do not get the feeling of being ripped off.


Assuming that the rolls (possible results) stay the same, what wording would make it clearer to you?

(It’s pretty clear to me once I read it. My problem is I don’t read sometimes!) :wink:


Same here. I too got Oberon with my 300 Gems.


You don’t have to be a master of the English language to see, with your eyes, that it is the standard epic summon with a few additions.
If you had rolled a 3* who is shown in the list you wouldn’t be complaining. And I can bet that if you rolled a Lianna/Isarnia/Vivica, who are not shown in the event summon either, you wouldn’t be complaining.


The way I saw this, is that you did not have a guarantee to get the hero that was currently on your screen, but you got one from all heroes on the list. I thought all possible heroes where shown. I do not know however what wording would make it clearer.

My solution would simply be: show all possible heroes.


Not going into the “You don’t have to be a master of the English language to see, with your eyes, that it is the standard epic summon with a few additions - discussion” because in my opinion that’s a kinda pointless conversation. I simply state that I think it isn’t clear, but perhaps I’m too authistic here :slight_smile:

I did not complain, I just reacted to someone. And if I got Lianna/Isarnia/Vivica I sure would not complain. You are COMPLETELY right there :smile:


Thank you for the feedback on the Event Summons! We discussed this matter here and are planning to include the preview of all possible heroes for the Event Summon in the upcoming Challenge Events.


Sorry. The first part came across as way more snide than I meant, and the second part was aimed more towards the original poster who was demanding a refund of gems.


I just pulled another Sartana from the event summon, the issue is she’s not in the list of what can be summoned as an event summon, I’d like a different 5 star. She was removed in favor of one of the new 5 stars.

I was hoping for a 5 Star from the event rather than a 5 start that’s not on the list.


Not all heros are shown. Its written in the fine print.



I have the same issue.