Event blackout

I’m a little upset and I will tell you why!!

I’m playing EPIC 14 in the EVENT get to the 3/3 and fighting 3 New hero’s… LANCELOT, BK, AND THE GREEN GYPSY GIRL. I kill Lancelot and have BK, and gypsy girl and half life and my game goes black and starts me at the very beginning of the game!!!

Now I used my gems 3 different times which was a total of 300 to beat that board and would have spent more to do it! But I was ROBBED & CHEATED. NOT TO HAPPY AT THIS AT ALL!!! Please do something about this!!!

That’s incredibly frustrating. :disappointed:

I’d definitely suggest contacting Support about that:


Thanks so much… I will do that for sure!!

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Thank you… I will do that for sure. I understand things happen all the time, but it is nice to have people that care to make it better for people that love the game as much as you!!!

Thanks for your time,

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