Event Balance Discussion


Im going to start this by venting a bit, might edit it out later.

I have 8 fully leveled and ascended 4*s, and use Musashi and Liana who are in their final ascension. I’ve tried the last level of advanced 4 times today and failed spectacularly each time. On the last one I came in with a great board (3 gems and a bunch of reds to kill Morgan), used a full stack of time stops and a continue without even killing a single hero. I find this level ridiculously unbalanced, especially since I was able to beat the last level of the previous two events with lower level teams. It also seems to play perfectly into specific legendary hero’s like Hel, Athena, and Perseus which most players don’t or event can’t have had, since the last two were released so long ago. Given that the completion reward is also significantly worse than before, I think that this difficulty spike is a slap in the face for many players.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that done with I have a serious question for the devs: What is your goal for balancing the difficulty of these events? Do you believe that the player should have, on average, a full team of max ascended 5s for advanced (4 for intermediate and 3* for beginner)? Should they be able to complete it with only 4*s? A mix? Some not fully leveled? Do players need variety? I’d love to know what your goals are for these events, if you think you’ve met them, and how the balance should or should not vary from event to event. Thanks!

Lastly, I’d like to ask the community what you believe the correct balance for the events is. Should they be a fun and challenging way for newer player to get much-needed items? Should they be a competitive arena for the people with the best teams to show off and collect great rewards? What should the balance be between player skill, hero quality, and luck? Do you believe the current event meets your hopes and expectations? Thanks everyone in advance for your thoughts!


Is this event harder than prior ones: yep… though that’s partly because of the color of the reflect since blue has most of the good defense debuffers.

That said the tuning looks to be about the same: 4* 70’s for advanced, 4* 60’s for Intermediate, and 3* 50’s for beginner.

I didn’t play the beta event as much as I should (bad tester I know) as I was focusing on raids; however, a couple of people beat the event on advanced with 4* teams so it is doable.


The event is harder than previous events because the new yellow and green heroes are broken. Really has nothing to do with the blue reflect in my opinion.

Also, is it just me or does color stacking not work? I’m doing roughly 80 damage per gem with 2 purple heroes… and the same with 3?


I played a LOT in beta. Advanced is much harder for me this time - I had a tough time in Beta using Ares, Natalya, Gwen, Arthur and Morgan as my attack team with the healers staggered to heal the other 3. I am dreading it using Ares and 4 4* in real life. But will post back when I do if I can remember.

Morgan and Gwen are insane in Advanced by the way - Morgan effectively is a 1 hit KO that heals over 4 rounds in Advanced and does 2x the damage that she would do if she were on your team!


I was so excited to play this event, and when I saw that the intermediate the prize for completing was fine gloves and compass I freaked because I would be able to ascend 1 more 4*. The problema is that I had a HARD time defeating level 3 But I made it. When I got to the level It is totally impossible to go past morgana with that undispelling healing. I have Caedmon, Rigard, Li xiu in lvl 60. I had Grimm in 70 but i cant use or else I am dommed and I have a hawkmoon lvl 50. I have Colen on 2 ascension lvl 33, that is too low level to use. My team right now is at 2927 power

What is the point in getting the fine gloves and compass If to get it I would have need all 5 4* at lvl 70 already.

I got pretty pissed about this. I think this event was a joke.


I’m going to replay a few levels with a blue hero - just be mindful of your tiles and you can keep them alive. That is to say - try it with Grimm!


Well timeout, that isn’t anywhere close to optimal for an event team.

Ares - OK, lot of blue trash though
Natalya - I guess for slowing down a given event boss but they’re so fast anyway
Arthur - just say no, too much blue reflect
Guin (Gwen?) - offensive wasteland, never ever on attack; used as a healer? No dark attacks to shield from and mana reduction is limited at best for events
Morgan - at least she is green for blue trash but DOT’s are suboptimal

If we’re going to complain about the event we should at least do it with realistic team design: Ares for the attack buff but who are the flanks, there’s no generalized armor debuff, etc. ad naseum… the big problem is you’re not going to kill much with that lineup, and if you can’t kill the event bosses quickly, they’re going to grind you down (true of any event to date).


I’m also eyeing gloves and compasses but decide, nah, i would probably not gonna pass even stage 3.


I was also waiting for this event and what disappointment was the most, the advanced level is impossible for me, I have a team with a strength of 3400 I made 8 levels and I think it’s the end of my ability, the whole month of waiting and what? Rewards for the mere passage of the level are disproportionate to the contribution to its passage. For two months I am waiting for the shields I was happy when I saw her but I already know that I can not get it.


I wonder if the developers have the ability to make the events without screwing up one color. Is getting boring already with the color reflects. This event it would not even not need color reflects because the final bosses are very hard anyway. its almost does not worth the effort to complete it anymore.


This goes back to my original point though. Is the event properly balanced if people not only need a maxed out set of 5s, but also MORE THAN ONE fully ascended 5 of each color just to COMPLETE the tier? I think its great to let the top 0.01% of players compete for the huge rewards at the top ranks by having optimized teams, but it is ridiculous to require that to even complete the tier.


In my case, one thing is for sure I will not invest any money in this game. I played a lot very much but today I have passed the program a little bit but without taking over. The game is too skimpy to reward players and the way.


@revelate - Oh I know it was suboptimal but it was me grinding it out against them, and winning with that team, and it was working. Using that team in Beta I was able to win all levels first try and only had to use 2 time stops on the final level to beat the 3 of them. My point was more that it took me 5 level 80 5* to do it.

My real life team is a mix of Ares (level 80), Skittle, Caedmon, Jackal, Wu, Scarlett (all level 70) and I am sprinkling in Sartana (level 70), varied between what is the most pervasive colors on the board. I am cruising so far (and did with the aforementioned team, this time I am using some items (mostly dragon attacks) and didn’t hit my first wall until level 8 in beta. I’m only passed 6 in the real event so we shall see. I’ll circle back.

I do think playing a blue on select levels may be worth it - I have a tier 4 level 69 Perseus I may try out. I’ve had times where there are 0 blues and 5 blues (across the two monster levels one ones where blue is a color that can be picked). I don’t disagree that if you draw 3 blues on a board it’s a challenge, but positioned next to Ares he should be alive for the bosses where he could possibly shine.


People completed advanced with 4* heroes in beta.

If we’re doing team design based by Oujia board, then expect to lose.

BT / Tibby / Wu all 4*'s, all as good or better than the heroes listed in this particular one when it comes to event optimization.


I’m going to post something I said in the beta. You can do this challenge with no 5*, no revive or exotic items, etc. I am well into middle age and my reflexes aren’t like some here. You do NOT need a fully ascended 5* in each color much less two of them.

Can you write what your team is? This event is different in that a team of relatively weak attackers will not be able to kill Guinevere. Some 5* heroes fall into that category as well.

Original post:

I did the challenge with my 4* heroes to see what advanced was like. I used Gormek, Colen, Rigard, Caedmon, and Wu Kong, all at or near max levels. I used only ordinary items – potent healing potions, medium mana potions, bear banners, and bomb attacks, with no revive scrolls, tornadoes, time stops, etc.

I made it through 9 levels the first time through without issues. The final level is harder and I died with Arthur having a slight amount of life the first time. The second time, I killed him so I did 11 tries for 10 levels and got 551K.


i completed advanced on my 2nd attempt with 4x 4* and 1x 5*. I only used a mix of mana potions. healing potions and banners. It’s definitely doable. It is however alot harder than the previous two challenge events thats for sure.


Ok, I’ll try again later and see if I can pull it off. I think that double red is a good strategy to kill Morgan first, but Boldtusk is the only regular 4* that I don’t have so it’s a bit tough. Having now completed intermediate using 2 third ascension greens, I think it might not be quite as challenging as I had originally thought. Morgan’s 1300 damage drain is still too strong a buff though imo.


I beat advanced with a maxed tibby, bold, Elena, Caedmon and jackal. Was harder then past events but you certainly don’t need a maxed 5* team to do it. Certainly not going to compete in advanced, but could kooeted was my goal so I’m ok with it


I was able to beat the advanced stage with just one five-star, my maxed Captain Kestrel.

I ran him with Cabin Boy Peters, Wu Kong, Sabina, and Tiburtus, and loaded up with dragon and bomb attacks off the bat, then timestops as needed.


Well I finally managed to beat it using a full stack of tornado, arrow attacks, healing potions, mana potions, getting 4 consecutive 10+ combos to kill Morgan, and then still having to use 3 continues before I killed Arthur and Guinevere. I get that these events are supposed to be hard, but SG completely messed up the balance of this one in my opinions. I’ll be using the power of my wallet now, not giving another dime to this game until they decide to take player opinions into account and spend real time making sure these events are properly balanced. A lot of players look forward to these events because they can be quite fun, but the trend from Pirates to Guardians to Knights is very troubling, and tells me that SG cares much more about milking players for their money than providing an enjoyable, balanced, and rewarding experience.