Event animation loop (Fables of Grimforest / 14 March)


One alliance mate is getting a loop when trying to enter the event. Game goes back to animation. It is an android. Closing and opening device did not work. No problem with IOS

I can't play Grimforest mission

I am on android here as well so I do not think it will be platform dependant.
No help in what he can do other than to reboot phone.


I have a player that the event presentation screen does not advance to the event levels. Already restarted several times and the error remains.
Version Android 6.0


Having the same issue. Rebooting the phone doesn’t work


@Petri @Rook This is a problem. On my site, many complain about it. check this


Can’t enter the event? What’s the problem?


Thanks for the reports! We are currently investigating this here.


I can’t enter the event, what should I do?


Already trying to solve the problem, we have to wait for the solution


Seems like there was a technical issue which affected some Android devices, please make sure you have updated your game to the latest version as that should help to resolve this issue!


I can’t get past the intro screen and it won’t let me skip it. It Just keeps repeating the third screen and won’t continue to let me fight!


@Kerridoc @zephyr1 @Rook @Petri Possible Merge?


Translated (Russian): Good day, I can not go into the event and rebooted the game and updated and still does not go.


I have the same problem and now i cannot enter the game at all.i have the latest version


Το be clear i entered an hour ago i played the first stage of epic i did my pulls and half an hour ago the loop started when i tried to play the second stage,i rebooted my phone and all and since then i cannot enter the game.it freezes at tbe connecting page


Ok fixed.good event everyone


Is anyone still having problems with this? Have you updated your game?


In my case it is already solved but it was not necessary to update because it already had the last one. My player was able to enter the event without doing anything


The game say to me that I must update… but when I try to do it give me an error … so I can’t do anything


I can"t update because have no update in my apstore