Evenly Vs Garden Panther



    • These two are basically the same hero, their stats (Def:Atk:Hth) are juggled a bit but their specials are one and the same, so my question and request of Small Giant is why doesn’t G.panther have an elemental link for dark hero’s???

`i think panther would suit to have a link and fans would appreciate her more

*“am just saying” lol

Evelyn = Hero of the Month

Guardian Panther = Event Hero

Heroes of the month are the ONLY heroes to have Elemental Links. Event heroes simply don’t.

Edit: Also worth noting that Guardian Panther has a FAMILY BONUS while Evelyn (and every other HotM) does not.


I should have posted this in ideas and feature request but its my first time posting so yeah. Then over your comment, I didn’t think of that honestly and it does make sense but is Evelyn now part of Atlantis ?

Evelyn isn’t part of atlantis.

She was a FEATURED returning hero in the Portal. Unlike actual Atlantis Heroes, you won’t be able to summon her any month other than when she is/was featured.


Thanks a lot and while you are online maybe you can also help me with the Q. Why do some specials over lap and not add on, like in the case of these two

Similar ailments with the same status icon don’t stack.


As @Olmor said, like ailments do not stack.

Read more here:
📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks!


The title is click bait :rofl:

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