Evening all a hello

Been playing a few months and want to go further. Few questions first.
Interested in joining an alliance but want to know few things first.
1 time commitments, in UK can only play evenings
2 do not spend actual cash, so can take time to build resources
3 why the hardships in getting ascendancy props? Read a few of the earlier posts
4 is there a rarity of higher level blue heroes?

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What level is your main team right now?

We are recruiting - open alliance, any level accepted. We will help you grow with us.

We have people in the UK and across the world who are around at various times of the day and night

Free to play is fine with us

It’s a slow build game, you shouldn’t expect to get everything you want quickly.
And there’s a lot of randomness applied - so the better you do, the higher the chance of a high level reward. But it’s still a percentage chance, so rarely guaranteed

I’m not sure of the rarity of high level blues. This forum is full of statistics like that if you search for it though!
Personally blue was the last 4* I got - and then I got 2, random !


Hi @Princeofblue did you find an alliance you liked? We still have space if you’re looking or have questions.

On point 4, there is a slight bias towards green and red 4* heroes in random results, because there are is an extra regular 4* hero in both of those colors.
Judging by the TC20 results, in a random roll for all colors of hero, the game rolls for hero * level, then picks a hero at random from the total pool of all heroes of that category. With more reds and greens, on average there will be slightly fewer blue, yellow, and purple 4* heroes showing up.

The fact that there are exactly zero special event or seasonal blue 4* heroes to date doesn’t help the odds, though the fact that 3 out of 4 of the current set are pretty good makes up for it somewhat.

At a glance 5* blue odds should be about on a par with the other colors though.

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