Even out the gloves to compass ratio in event completion rewards

So I saw the completion reward items for this event and noticed that once again there’s a compass and no gloves. I currently have 8 compasses and only 3 gloves and, unlike other 3* ascension materials, those extra compasses are utterly worthless without their buddies.

Correlia is the only challenge event that even gives gloves, which gives us 4 compasses and one pair of gloves total if we complete the epic and legendary in every event.

Please SG for the sake of sanity even out the ratio so that next event we can get a pair of gloves instead of a compass!

I need compass and hidden blade. I would like see more drops. Been harvesting like crazy to get final ascension on my 4*. I have 1 compass :frowning:

And what about Orbs of Magic?
All events grant them on legendary completion so it leaves us with plenty of them compared to other mats.
It’s even worse when RNG already blessed someone with plenty of Orbs like me.
I want to ascend not only Holy heroes but others as well :frowning:

Compasses and hidden blades can’t be farmed. You get them from mission chests, titans, wars, rare quests, mystic vision, and event quests.

I hear you; i too am blessed with orbs…as well as trap tools and shields. At least extra orbs can be used without other ascension items (compasses and gloves excepted).

I’ve been participating in everything, doing all wanted missions and events. Still nothing and cant rank high enough for good loot in events. Any way increase chance of these drops?

Completing the grimforest event quest’s epic section (all ten stages) will give you a compass no matter what your rank is. There isn’t a hidden blade reward for this event, unfortunately.

The rare quests are labeled “rare” where other quests are “common” and “uncommon” and the rare quests are elemental specific with the exception of one, which trades off giving a compass and damascus blade or gloves and tome of tactics. These rare quests are the only quests besides event quests that give guarenteed nonfarmable ascension items.

By the way, you can see the guarenteed rewards for completing challenge event quests by tapping the quest in the quests area; then tap on the tab you want to check the rewards for (rare, epic, or legendary); then tap on the chest at the bottom that says “rewards.” Scroll to the bottom for completion rewards: these are the rewards you get for simply completing that tier of the event. If you complete all three tiers you get all of the completion rewards.

I’ll see if i can scrounge up a picture of what a rare quest looks like.

Every other method of getting nonfarmable ascension items is random, but there are ways to increase your chance of getting something (even if it isn’t exactly what you’re looking for at this time):

1: join an alliance that kills higher level titans. The higher a titan is the higher your chances are of receiving an item (i will refer to nonfarmable ascension items as simply nonfarmables).

2: hit harder on the titan. Rank A+ gives a higher chance than rank A; rank A gives a higher chance than rank B, etc.

3: watch Mystic Vision as often as you can. Most of the time you get a couple gems and a craftable item, but i usually get 1-2 nonfarmable a month from it as well (sometimes even a 4* nonfarmable).

4: get into a higher tier in raids. Gold rank gets more chances than silver; platinum gets a higher chance thatln gold, etc. please note that this only affects the raid chest.

5: join an alliance that wins wars. With the inteoduction of the war chest comes another possibility of getting ascension items, but to fill it up more quickly and maximize the loot you must stick to an alliance and win wars.

6: use gems to “skip” monster and raid chests so that you don’t have to wait the full 12 hours. You can skip up to I believe three chests a day. What this does is twofold:
A- it gives you more chances at ascension items because you’re filling more chests every day,
B- it makes elemental chests come sooner.

7: get more elemental chests (see above). Elemental chests are special monster chests that can replace any of the three mission chests (monster, hero/raid, and titan). The chest is a specific color: purple, red, green, yellow, or blue. It requires 150 monsters to fill instead of the usual 100 and the monsers that fill it must match its color (yellow monsters fill up a yellow chest). The heros in raids can also fill elemental chests. Elemental chests generally give far better loot than normal chests and have a much higher chance at nonfarmables.

Notes on elemental chests: they do not guarentee nonfarmables and the ones they give are random and not limited to the color of the chest.

8: summon ten times in the Atlantis summon portal. This will unlock a special ascension item chest in the atlantis portal that guarntees one 3* nonfarmable.

These are the only other methods i can think of to speed up gaining nonfarmables (I’m not including purchasable deals). Many of the methods i mentioned will only make a slight difference, with the difference adding up over time. You may not notice the difference they make unless you’ve been keeping careful track.


This thread has some pictures of rare quest rewards. Just scroll down to the images:

Here is an image i found elsewhere; this is what they look like from the quest selection screen (the one pictured is the red elemental, meaning it gives a hidden blade and rings):

Thanks for the info. I got as far as I could in grim forest but it was a no go. I did just get compass from stalhome pass cause I’m finally in the 2500+ range. Ile keep everything in mind an keep at it.

Don’t hesitate to use items and upgrade you forges—they really help

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