Evelyn removed attack debuff from JF

Happened twice on the same raid. I did Buddy’s special to Jean-Francois and JF got armor and attack debuff. After that I let JF cast its special. So JF had his buffs (and crit-buff) as also attack and armor debuff. After that I did Evelyn’s special to JF which removed every buff and debuff from JF leaving for him only the crit-buff. Did everything go by the book? Atleast attack debuff should not be removed?

Yup, it is working correctly. His crit buff is an elemental link which, like other links, cannot be dispelled. :slight_smile:

About the attack debuff, that should not be removed though because it is a debuff, and not a buff. Are you sure it did not run out of turns simply?


Evelyn’s special dispels buffs. So usually what I see is Evelyn hits J-F or someone with his active buffs, the green def down gets converted into def up, and then it gets dispelled.

So, sounds right, but at least the hero doesn’t suffer the green def down at the end of the attack.

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It works correctly…her elemental defense down is resisted and flipped, but she dispels his buff at the end of the turn.

I can understand that that there is no armor buff or debuff at the end. But where did attack debuff go? It didn’t run out of turns, that’s for sure.

Any chance that one of the heroes did a cleanse? Do you remember what the opponent team consisted of?

No cleanse happened by anyone. On the second time JF was even the last man standing.

No chance of video of it huh? It does sound like a bug, unless there’s something else that’s missing. What heroes did you use?

So it sounds reproducable.

Please try to make a video to make it 100% sure.

Maybe its a problem when evelyns color-downer hits, JFs special triggers and removes the “old normal def downer” that was fired by buddy, but somehow ALL effects that came from buddy get removed instead. (After that, defense up, and evelyns remove etc.)

You should, if it really is reproducable, also test if this also happens when atk and def downer originally came from different heroes, for example scarlett and gormek. :slight_smile:

Well, I thought that developers could try to reproduce it. I’m not so able with recording videos. Finding again same situation (having JF last man standing against my mono green) isn’t so easy.

Edit: I stumbled against JF on raid and had change to retest my finding. This time the attack debuff remained on JF. I have no idea what happened last time… maybe this overwhelming stress… do you mind that if I just put world on pause and take a long vacation…

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