Evelyn or Morgan Le Faye

Just as almost everyone here has run into, I have an ascension conundrum. I have two nature heroes nearing or at A4 and not enough ascension items to push both.

So my question to you is should I use the ascension items on Evelyn or Morgan La Faye? Both are good 5* heroes, but which one would you choose to ascend first knowing the other could be halted for a while until more ascension items are collected?

Evelyn…elemental link

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I have both at 3/70…….I am going with Evelyn first, in my case because blue titans are difficult for me and Evelyn–even not maxed yet—has been a huge boost to my green team.

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Thanks. I’ve been leaning towards Evelyn…but thought it wouldn’t hurt to see what others thought.

I appreciate you taking the time.

Yeah, I’ve had good luck with her too. Morgan’s defense boost is nice, but I’m still leaning towards Evelyn because of how she’s worked even mid A3. And as mentioned in the other response,the elemental link is nice too.

How do you have exactly 0 hams?

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I think it’s definitely gotta be Eve… her Titan killing puts her over the top.

Must have bought an upgrade or item of some kind with gems. That’s about the only way I can think of to end up with 0.

The whole point of having hams is to use them, when I took the screenshot I had just used them to feed my heroes from my TCs after hoarding feeders for a week and I leveled my watchtower. I don’t see why that would have any impact on whether I should choose Evelyn or Morgan since the hams will be replenished by farms.

I think maybe more surprised they somehow landed exactly zero??? Idk. No exp. With those heroes but Evelyn will be the majority response. Enjoy her!

Because fed from my TCs and went over on one for a couple gems to get it +1 rather than right at the line :wink: hence the zero. I was needing to free up space.

I wish I had them both but Evelyn gets my vote. Good luck with what you decide.

Yeah, ive been leaning towards Evelyn, just wanted to see if anyone had differing opinion worth considering on Morgan. Thanks! :grin:

Thanks. I only had skittleskull when I pulled Morgan as a special and Evelyn as HotM. At the time wasn’t thinking about ascension, but now that they are both A3 I have to. It’s not a bad problem to have I know, just wanting to see what others thought. Thanks for your thoughts :wink:


Evelyn is nuts and I certainly love mine, but people really sleep on Morgan. I think this is a closer decision than people are giving it credit for, and comes down to need. Evelyn is fine at 3/70 for her debuff on titans, you’ll just be missing a bit of stats. Morgan is terrifying once she gets going, and is definitely better than Evelyn for defense. She’s no slouch on offense either, though Evelyn is better for a green stack

Evelyn basicly Panther in green but lack of ATK and more on Defense.
you can call Evelyn as Tib in ramming pulv trio while Panther is Grimm
of course we are waiting for third which more def/hp as Gormekk :smile:

back in topic , if you dont have Tank , go for Morgan , he is Good tank with Fast Mana and undispelled life leech , she will be good tank in AW if your clan decided to go Mono-Green tank , Eve is do-ing fine at 3-70 for Titan ( less *12 ). but if you got realible tank already then go for Eve or keep it for another Green as Lianna or Mother or another Green in New Wonderland Event / New Atlantis heros at Febuary

Evelyn is an attack hero and will do just fine at 3/70 for her ability (which is really all that she is good for) and she should not be on your defense team unless she is all that you have.

Morgan is a war goddess and should be on your def team and thus maxed. She is easily #2 best war defense hero (second to guin) and then probably GM as 3rd best.

Ascend Morgan - you’re welcome.

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Evelyn is great, she is more well rounded, so evelyn every day of the week.

It surprised me it was at 0 exactly.
On to the subject of which one I’d choose? That would be Morgan. As others have stated, she works just great at 3/70 and 8/8 special.
I have Eveleyn at 1/48 special 1/1 (she just wont increase!) And she works great.
Morgan will turn into a beast and you’ll still have Eve to back her up

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Morgan is terrible when she start shooting, definetly max her first
And for @Starryeyedgryph

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