Evelyn or Buddy

So I was lucky enough to pull both Evelyn and Buddy over the past week. I have the tonics to max Evelyn, but I only have 4 shields so I can’t go beyond 3/70 right now. I know collecting the shields won’t take too long, but would you rather max Buddy now and wait on 8 shields for Evelyn or take Evelyn to 3/70 and wait for the other shields and Buddy?


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I’d work on buddy for now. He will be stronger at 4/70, it willl take a while to get tonics. Do Evelyn after and you might just have everything for her by then.

Thanks for the input.

Just to clarify, though, I do have the 6 tonics already. I’m just lacking the second set of 4 shields to go from 3rd Ascension to 4th for Evelyn.

What other nature heroes do you have at or near max?

Hansel, Peters, and Melendor all maxed. I also have Gregorion and Horghall both at 3/70. I’ve been waiting to ascend a 5* since November in hopes of pulling Evelyn.

Then I’d go with Evelyn. Why?

  1. She is strictly better than Buddy. Buddy is a great 4*, but his special doesn’t come close to Evelyn’s.
  2. You have excellent green strikers that will synergize with Evelyn. She’s really best paired with a sniper.
  3. You don’t have another grade-A Nature 5*
  4. You have three excellent Nature 4* maxed. You need a good 5* to move your game up a level.
  5. Evelyn at 3/70 will serve you well

Shields are not extremely rare. I’m guessing you’ll have a couple of more before you’re ready to ascend Evelyn, and if you’re lucky you might get all four you need for that final ascension beforehand. Waiting for eight shields if you ascend Buddy will seem like an eternity.


Thank you for the detailed response; it’s very helpful and those are excellent points.

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