Evelyn Discussion - Anchor 7DD grade

Just the same as the last heroes with Inari and Mitsuko. I’ll leave this open for discussion of thoughts and opinions. It really helped me out with the last heroes and I will update this post with the video after I field content.

First Initial thoughts:

Same usage as panther (same abilities pretty much) but better and going to be played a ton on blue titans, very much needed green hero for blue titans. She will be great on offensive raids, especially when people are color stacking in any offensive strategy (3-2,4-1,mono).
With her being a fast hero on defense, she helps a very weak spot on good greens that are fast (minus Zeline). You will see her on defense.

She will shine most on Titans.

Again first thoughts I’ll update this post with the video and want to field your guys’ opinions.


Yeah she looks like a total stud! Hard to say she’s in that rarified A+ air but I imagine the argument could be made…

PSA: wait to try to get her a few more hours until the Christmas heroes are released! Just a few more hours!

I think you have a perfect place to start with the ratings for Panther. I do think Evelyn will be a little better, though:

  1. She has slightly higher defense and health then Panther. She doesn’t hit as hard, but will be a little more sturdy.
  2. The additional elemental link for healing gives an extra bonus for stacking. Since this is undispellable and lasts 6 turns the benefits could be noticeable.

Given that Panther is one of the most coveted heroes in the game, Evelyn will be great. She’s clearly not as useful as Zeline or Alberich as a solo green, but will be the centerpiece of any green stack going forward. As if the defense reduction weren’t enough, her healing link will be amazing to help r green heroes alive, especially since it stacks with other heal-over-time effects from Alberich, Tarlak, etc.

If you’d like a reason to splurge this holiday season, she’s it. Best HotM since Gravemaker.


It’s the 5* green I’m missing and been waiting for. Definitely looks solid.

Would I be overly greedy if I said I want to try and pull 2? And why not just call her Merida…:thinking:


@Wharflord I hope you’re correct, I just pulled her


That’s a weird bra she’s got.


Same as panther. A A B. I can’t see her too useful in defence but she shines everywhere else.

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very good in defense from the zeline :smile:

I think its meant to be that weird “boob armor” thing that shows up on fantasy female heroes.

Overall I like her design over all. I like her friendly but still dignified smile, big firey hair, bow and arrows and tartan/plaid skirt.

She reminds me of an older version certain someone

A certain someone who’s also a Brave. heiress. Hmm who could that be lol

Haha anyways.
@Anchor or anyone else who wants to answer. At what position do you think she would shine the most if one were to want her for raid defense?

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Looks a little like Ironmans arc reactor to me… Anyway, back to the subject :grin:

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how can i fix this ?

Level her up. Or feed her to Aife if you want to dispose of her in an appropriately ironical fashion.

I moved a 4/30 evelyn to my defense team with her left of ares and lianna to his right and i’m winning more on defense than previous. All I did was replace rigard with her.

She is awesome in all areas so far.

Eagerly awaiting these results…

I don’t even think it’s worth a discussion or a grade from Anchor, as some of the replies have stated, she is an improved version of Panther, only green. This helps bridge the gap between green and purple as far as brutality.

Onatel? Sure, inquiring minds want to know.

Personally? I 4/80 Evelyn and, compared to Panther, find her to be slightly superior than Panther, elemental link matters even at 4% over 6 turns. The fact that she adds a use for Gregorion (one HOTM I have found to be disappointing), and turns Zeline into an apocalyptic-pinup makes the case for one of the best combos of all time. Additionally, it revives some old, maligned greens like Horghall, Elkanen, Kadilen.

Panther - Hel
Evelyn - Zeline
Jackal - Joon

All very very good combos.

One LIneup I fantasize about is:

Alby -> Alaise -> Mother North -> Athena -> Evelyn

Why both Alby & Mother north? Why not? Think about all those minions PLUS Athena’s special?


Borderline A+ Titan and Offence. B defense. Use her all the time, don’t have many options on my bench for the other green heros but use the team attached for titans frequently. Once Zeline is finished she’ll be a good match to. PNG


Was this video ever completed? Cannot seem to find one.

Nope, not graded on the sheet or a separate video. Not sure if it’s in his new years live stream, haven’t seen that one yet.

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This caused the rare occurrence where I genuinely laughed a little at a forum post instead of just getting a bigger smile and breath heavier :laughing:

Anyways, despite Evelyn being my only 5* nature, I still relate to your experience with her very much. :slight_smile:

For a very long time, LJ was my only 4* nature that had a hittig special skill. At 3/60 I used him out of necessity and found him underwhelming. Tiles were excellent compared to my other heroes, but his slow speed combined with being very easy to kill made me dislike uisng him. Now that I have Evelyn I don’t dislike using him anymore and actually finally plan to use shields to max him. How much she pushes his tile and special damage to the next level finally makes his payoff feel worth the drawbacks.

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