Evelyn and Almur

Guys have a question for you all, if any of you know if not it’s ok, have had Evelyn for a while and she’s amazing but had the other day Almur and used him today for 1st time and he’s great, the question I have is if I use him with Evelyn on same team which one should I fire 1st? Thanks guys in advance :blush:

Emblems tend to change the attack stat of a hero. With that being said, fire first the hero’s skill with the lowest damage output. Unemblemed, I believe Almur has the lower total damage output than Evelyn. As such, you fire Almur first. Please be reminded that the elemental defense debuff does not stack. It overwrites each other.

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almur first then Evelyn because her damage is higher and will benefit more from the nature defense down.


They kind of compete each other and overwrite each other buffs. You would be better with Evelyn - Buddy or Buddy - Almur combination


If the opponent have some buff defense, Evelyn 1st… otherwise Almur 1st is best I think, because Evelyn deal more damage.

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Thanks guys, much appreciated :+1:

My green mono team is the best mono team I got. Almur was a game changer when I got him.

Right, because Evelyn can dispel.

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Badly wanted an Almur so that I can justify not maxing a second Evelyn, thus saving me tonics for other nature legendaries. I have enough emblems for him to be fully emblemed. Alas, my luck has run out. This must be the feeling of some players who have most of the S1 heroes but only has very few or none of the S2 heroes back then. I can’t compete with players who have new shiny heroes from seasonal, ninja tower, monthly challenge and S3 events. Power creep is real.

An update, have leveled Almur and he’s GREAT, today used him in both hi levels of KO Avalon, have been using him with my green team or variations of it and he’s amazing, don’t listen to people saying that he doesn’t play well with Evelyn because he plays really well with her, here my green team, still leveling.

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