Eve special not filling

I just had a raid (unfortunately not one I recorded) where eve was not filling her mana along with my other fast heroes. It was a green mono team a fast heroes so it was very obvious. She filled the first time. Second time everyone filled up and she was still empty. After using the others specials she started filling again. Obviously it was a glitch because the defense team did not have any mana reducers or even get a special off at all.

Maybe there was some hero with Sorcerer class? The Sorcerer’s class talent is slowing enemy mana regeneration. It’s not part of the special skill.


The same thing just happened to me actually. Nope, there was no sorcerer and no effect among the enemy heroes that would cause this. I had three fast green heroes and two charged but Eve did not charge at the same speed.

Let’s see some video!

Actually what you’re reporting is different from the OP who reported Eve got no mana at all.

Gaining mana slower than other hero might be caused by mana troops or emblems when you have the mana node enabled.

There was a sorcerer but he was already dead

Okay to be more accurate, I wasn’t paying attention to Eve because I didn’t expect that there was something wrong. I don’t know if she gained no mana for one or two connections or slower mana. But what I do know is when I made my 3 green connections and all three were supposed to be charged, Eve wasn’t. I totally thought I was crazy until Dazey said something.

The sorcerer slash attack (normal attack) is what causes a 50% mana slow. The sorcerer only needs to be alive long enough to hit the target.

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Exactly, if you weren’t paying attention Eve’s mana could be slowed by Sorcerer who later died.
Apart from that, any differences in mana/crit troops?

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Except he was dead before the issue and there was nothing on her that I could see. That’s why it was weird. And then lion told me he had the same thing happen. So if it was the sorcerer then there is a glitch that the emblem special isnt showing. Otherwise the glitch is with eve. But since lion and I had a similar issue and both was with eve I’m inclined to believe it was with her.

Sounds like your best bet is to file a support ticket then so SG can take a look. If you can tell them approximately when it happened (time and timezone), they can go back through the logs for your account and see what happened. Here’s how to submit a ticket:

If it happens again I will. I’m now recording all eve uses.

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