Eve, Sailormoon or King


  • Eve
  • Sailormoon
  • King

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Who’s next?

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Who do you have already?

Mum, Mum, LotL and epics.

Not knowing your roster, King for defense. does your alliance struggle against blue titans like mine, then maybe eve?

Here is my natural power:

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I really want to say eve but if you’re not hitting 12*+ titans, she’ll work at 3/70 and it seems like you need time fire power in that color.


I went the other way and said Eve assuming from your roster you are fighting high level titans?

Definately King imo, snipers need to be maxed and fighter emblems suit him (i guess they fit every hero) well. Will you run Mother and King on d then??

Mother-Misandra/Athena-Ares/Mitsiko-Kingston-Seshat for example? :thinking:

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I’d suggest Kingston over SM, but it’s close. At the end of the day I think Kingston has a better case for his emblems than Lianna, and the attack-down should be more valuable than the mana gen-down. Eve is brilliant too, but she is a support hero and should definitely not get tonics before these two.


Joon Ariel Ursl LotL Zimi

for 2550+ cups…

Excuse me sir, you have my Evelyn. Would you kindly send her forthwith to my account? Thanking you in anticipation.


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