Evade just seems broken

Maybe it’s just me but the Evade talent seems broken. You evade damage but then get hit with the other aspects of the special. Seems you should just evade the whole thing or not at all… Evade Alasie’s damage but then still slowed mana. How does that make any sense for example?

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The flip side of evade is Withstand, the monk talent. They take damage but avoid the ailment.

The Cleric’s mana shield is similar - take the damage but avoid the other effect.

I guess SG thought that having a talent do both was too powerful :man_shrugging:t3:

It doesn’t in a literal sense, but then if we’re going down that rabbit hole, the guy with the lion head would like to say hi :grin:


It would be the least they could do for giving us a T20 talent that NO rogue can use!!!

Also yes in a literal sense you either dodge the special or you don’t.

that’s how evade is supposed to work. You dodge the direct damage only, not the status effects

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Seems completely silly…

What’s just as silly is pets/shields now absorbing dots from Nat and the likes. Nat use to be fire and forget cause the target almost always died. That don’t happen as often as it use to. Just keep digging that hole deeper and deeper for folks like me who don’t spend or very little. They are moving in the opposite direction then most games these days, really hope HA is the salvation us folks are counting on.

Cant even tell you how frustrated I get when my snipers special gets evaded. Evade has cost me war/ raid flags. It’s one of the most useful talents for your defense. Nothing broken there in my opinion.


I can’t concur with the assessment of Evade. I believe Jonah is 110% correct in this case.


KLin you’re drunk…

Well that certainly doesn’t help your argument.

You’re not denying it!

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If you dodge a skill, why would you get the ailments associated with it? Seems you should just dodge the special.

Everything in E&P works on random and % basis.
The rogue’s ‘evade’ comes to play on random basis too.
Most of the time your +11 Marjana will not evade any special while the opponent’s +3 Domitia evades at every special of up to 3x in the entire battle.
Or Marjana evades the special from Kingston but still affected by the attk down effect.
Kinda frustrating at times but yeah, it’s just a game, don’t fall for it.

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