Evade? Joke?

I have no idea why you guys so lying to us. Example? Evade? The hero has 12% evade attacks from special skills and she evade it 3 times. So it’s ABSOLUTELY no 12% or you guys don’t know percentage. (12 % means she can evade ONE hit from 8.333333 hits. That’s 12%) I have also margaret which has up to 90% chance to evade. But she evade MUCH less than those with 12% from talents. That’s ridiculous and so obvious how this game cheating.

Not the case. The 12% means that EACH time the player is targeted by a special skill, there is a 12% chance to Evade. That could happen 100 times in a row or not happen in 100 times.

For example, you could roll a die 10 times and get a 5 10 times in a row. Previous outcomes do not dictate future results.


I thought this was gonna be a topic about how Evade is not that good of a talent :laughing:

Well I always try to KO rogue heroes with tiles or with DoT from skills since they only avoid damage and not side effects. So even if they evade it doesn’t bother me.


Problem is that she has 12% to evade but she evades way more times than 12% suppose to give. It practically impossible to evade 3x from 3 special attacks at 12% chance. You win sooner lottery than this happens if she had really 12%.

I can assure you that the math behind a 12% chance event happening 3 times in a row is MUCH better than the lottery. Like a LOT better.


Specifically, it would be 1 / (0.12 * 0.12 * 0.12) = 1 in 579 chance. No lottery is staying in business with those odds.


I think the problem is you aren’t completely understanding statistics. What you have is an INDEPENDENT event. Each time the evade can happen there is a 12% chance of it going off. Next time, it also has 12% and next time is 12%.
Just do a simple search on probablities and stats. I am sure there are great sites with easy to follow examples. This isn’t the first time I have seen someone not grasp stats. The summon portal and TC20 are real big problems. People think that because it says TC20 is about 5% that they should get 1 5* every 20 pulls from TC20. As the pull total tends to Infinity, the rate will approach 5%. However, some people will pull a 5* on the first training while others go much longer. I went into the 30s before I got mine but with more pulls I am now at 5.7% on 140 pulls. However there is a poster with 106 pulls and still has 0 5*. This is only 0.4% but it is still very possible. Also just like people that think Wu misses more than the stated amount. It gets confirmed over and over again.
Hope you find your answer.


Of course lottery has much smaller chance that was only comparison.

And considering there’s over one million active players daily, it must happen quite often globally.


@grzechol I was just about to type that :wink:


@Krtko and next time she will not evade at all. RNG.


If you have just 10% chance something to be happened it cannot happens 3x in row or its not 10% but way more. 10% forexample means that event has only 10% chance to proceed and 9 times of 10 times doesn’t trigger.

this is completely wrong. If I flip a coin, its 50/50 but i can still get heads 10x in a row.


You are confusing cumulative and independent events. If cumulative then yes, it only happens 1 in 10. If independent it happens on average 1 in 10 over the course of thousands of events. Here it’s independent. Each event is separate from every other event.


So you say it’s impossible to flip a coin twice and get two heads because there’s 50% chance for head? Maybe you should try this yourself?

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Yea it can be. Anyway this happens to me quite often not 3x of course but at least ones in every raid. And I don’t see it’s normal for 12% chance.

Is it fair? Not necessarily. Some get realy lucky streaks and others get really unlucky streaks. That can really hurt when you are spending on the game. But it is the way the game is set up and it’s the same for every player.

At this point it is unlikely to change because that would change the whole structure of the gameplay. Old established players that worked hard to get where they are would quit in disgust.


If you play long enough you will experience both the lucky streaks and the unlucky streaks. They are everywhere from summons to boards to raid matchups …


Kind of surprised that no one else but OP has any issues with how often rouges evade. Called it long ago, rouges and fighters are going to be nightmare wing defenders.


I need to start counting because I convinced that this percentage is way higher. I’m gonna count hits and miss. And do statistics.


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