Evade and blindness- Not a bug

Today for the first time I had my jackal evade joon special hit. Even if he didn’t get damage as per skill, he get blinded. Unfortunately I didn’t have a screenshot and could be hard to reproduce at the moment but I think it could be a bug (or does it work as intended?).

Don’t know if it applyes even to other status

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Not a bug


Evade only dodges the direct damage. Not the status ailment that accompanies the special.


Mmmh, so, a hero is evading a hit but the hit can cause status effects. That is strange indeed, I would say, but I can live with it. :man_shrugging:

I think the topic could be close, sorry for it

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Wow… that is so strange. If you dodge the attack, it’s logical that you also dodged the side-effects.

Talk about counter-intuitive.

@Coppersky, @Kerridoc, @Rook, OP is requesting topic closure

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@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky In addition to the closure request that @Garanwyn noted OP requested, this is also a close duplicate of another thread and could be merged:

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Closing per OP request. Please direct any discussion to a linked thread above.

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