Estonian Legion Eesti looking for international and Estonian players

Estonian Legion Eesti currently have 5 spots open for new active players.

We are looking for people to help us in wars and in killing titans. Current trophy limit is 2000.

We have 60-70% Estonians and the rest are international players. We have people from America, Turkey, Egypt etc. Most of us work and have families. We try to keep in-game chat in English. We are friendly and helpful people with many players who have played more than a year and are quite experienced.

We now have a Line group aswell. Contact ID is kivaonkiva

We are currently killing 9 star titans, with a few 10 stars thrown in and have killed all the rare titans.

We take war seriously and we expect people to use all their war hits. If you cant participate then opt out before. We have also established strategy for war, to have better chance in winning. So it is important to communicate. Also our war strategy is good for people from different time zones.

Come join us. Maybe you will even learn some new and interesting Estonian words!

We got milk! Come join us!

We now have a line group.
Contact ID: kivaonkiva

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