Established 10*+ titan alliance rangers of avalon

Welcome to Rangers of Avalon!

Active Players only. Hit all Titans 80k damage minimum. Use all war hits or opt out. Discord strongly recommended. Come have fun and grow with us!

Currently stomping 10* and 11* titans, have beaten a few 12* titans!

War tank is currently: BLUE

Currently recruiting 2 members :grinning:


Still need a few good members!

They are a solid group of players. Recently stepped away to focus more on life and less on game but am looking forward to being able to get back with the team.


Yes Real Life stole a few of our top players, we are still doing fine without them, unless you count the emotional trauma of losing them :frowning:

… but we don’t cry, only Kazoo from time to time :wink:

Just got a strong recruit, just need 2 more, gonna be hitting 12 star titans as soon as we are filled back up!

Still looking for 2 players!

Come get in now before war!

Killing titans early probably gonna be doing just 11* and 12* soon once we get filled up.

Listen, I didn’t want to resort to this. But we have chicken nuggs. All you gotta do is join and well send them to you

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Join for some of JPs nuggs!

just enough nuggs for 2

Join us after war! Need just 2

Not cool guys please leave our training alliance alone!!

Sorry, adri must have been off his meds…

If you don’t want to join sweetie then just don’t. Don’t cry, big girls don’t cry :smile:

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