Esport when?


when Esport for our favorite game? Traduction from french…

Tournament and competition in media??? When ?

The game is very attractive … Si vous seriez plus a l’écoute des joueurs cf note cap


interesting, but this game is random with boards.

two same time you’ll fight a team with same characters, result won’t be the same.

sp attacks are important, if your tiles are bad, no mana, or dead heroes before sp fire

next match it can be the opposite

this moring, three time to beat a player in raid.

first time, weak board, second time bad board, . no combos. no damage no mana; all my heroes killed in few turns

third try…maxi combo everytime and super board. carnage.

not based on skill, just luck. it’s my opinion. too hasardous to make this game competitive and equal in esport

skill ok but to manage skill, you must have the good item : at least combo, mana jauge

with weak or full tiles missing color…no the same lol…and you only play VS IA don’t forget it…

i’m not certain sure that watching guys fighting robots are very funny lol