Esme buff proposal

Here my proposals

  • give a moderate amount of mana to all allies for each fiend removed
  • cleans status ailments from all allies

All she needs is the condition removed from her fiend immunity.


oh yeah, and that too please :slight_smile:
although I’d rather pick my proposals if I had a choice
the fact she’s not cleansing is really annoying
If she would cleanse she’d have much more usage, since fiends aren’t really an issue at the moment

I agreed she need something to make her better. I never see her on defend and everyone on my alliance say she is not that good. There is so many healer that is highly desire compare to her.

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Fiends are the new minions. She is the new Grimble, released too soon to be initially effective.

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It’s possible yet not sure…
Adding something more to her card (even a small thing like a cleanse) would make her usable as of right now

Agreed, but SG may see it differently.

I would add:

°cleans status aliments and fiends from all allies
°boost health of all allies for 600hp.
°reduce mana of all fiend maker enemies for 24% for 3 turns /fiend maker heroes can not get mana for next 3 turns :blush:


My suggested buff is this:

Destroys all Fiends from all allies.
Recovers 40% health for all allies.
:up: All allies reflect Fiends to random enemies for 4 turns.


It would be nice to see something that continues her anti-fiend theme. I think the simplest option here would be a nice buff (ATT or DEF) on an allies who have a fiend removed.

Another option would be a debuff on fiend summoners. This also has a nice symmetry: once you take out fiend summoners you remove some of her utility. So you’re balancing “easier to take out one, maybe two opponents” with “Esme becomes a subpar healer.”

1st: ALL heroes should get fiend immunity
2nd: cleans or debuff
3rd: 44% heal

With that she would become decent healer. Not superb but useful.


Yes that skill is worthless if you have to wait for fiends before you can heal. Just give everyone immunity no matter if they have a fiend or not

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Yeah i think she is very weak

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Yeah exacty she needs a buff

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I agree. She needs a buff.

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How often do you see her in the game compare to other healer? She is not viable no over heal and no dispell or mana boost.

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well, she did get a decent buff

not enough, still meh

be grateful. than not. this is a free buff. instead of having to pull the costume again

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I’m not even sure that this is a buff…more often than not, her old heal would’ve been better than +650 hp
Plus she would need to cleanse in order to be on par with top blue healers…