🏰 Esme – 5* Ice/ Blue from Clash of Knights

Sure thing, she only does 40% healing if you don’t have fiends.

But if you have she kills the fiends and gives 40%. This is very useful against Elizabeth and Hannah even if they attack first because you bring your team back to the game

Esme is not in the same level of Hulda, Diaochan, Prof Linderbrock, Garnett, Arco and others

But she’s been very useful for me in these situations (against fiend makers)

The point is that is not enough for a 5* hero

She’s bad? No. But certainly not a hero for most of the situations


Yeah, so ascended Esme because I wanted family bonus with Ludwig … and then I got Zircon, for whom I have no scopes now. Not only Zircon’s healing is much better and also provides increasing defense up, but even the family bonus is put to shame as Zircon just prevents dispel 100% of the time. Yeah, Esme pales in comparison with Zircon or just any blue 4*/5* healer in the game.

I’d rather bring Kiril to a raid than Esme. Enough said.


I’ve got 2 Esmes, and none of them are likely to be leveled unless they buff her in some way. Way to niche, and kinda unreliable at that, to be worth the ascension materials.

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Totally agree. I even considered using her in the soul exchange

Agree with most of this thread. She can easily be tweaked to bring her on par with other healers.

I think something as simple as making her heal boosted health to start. I think these buffs to get will make her a useable hero. They adjusted lewana so Esme should be next.

Heal now boosts max health
-24 mana gen to all
Increase mana of all heros by 15%
Allies are immune to new status ailments for 3 or 4 turns
Make her fast speed
Mana reduction?

They neeed to do something to her as game shifts and it’s not a fiend meta, she’s absolutely terrible LOL

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She’s a wolf, she’s not supposed to give ailments. Overheal is still the best buff for her, or she heals at least 48% health

The thing is that it’s shifting towards a friend meta. Remember when there were no minions and people were laughing at Grimble / Captain of Diamonds?

Having said that, I stick to my previous point and agree that overheal would make her that bit more viable.

I don’t think I’ve fought a defense team with Esme in over two months, and I do at least 20 raid attacks daily at 2600+.

She really needs a buff but at this point I don’t even care anymore as I have plenty of other blues to level.

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Certainly there’s a lot of blue healers who are better than Esme (Ariel, Kiril, Azmia, Aino, Raffaele) but I leveled months ago when only Kiril was my other option to have more than one blue healer for wars.

Since my playstyle is going mono, when I use my blue team against fiend makers like LuBu, Elizabeth, Hannah she’s my healer. Any other situation I prefer Azmia and Ariel

A buff would be welcome. But she’s is ok for taking fiends off me heroes. Is it a niche? Yes. Would be more suitable if she was a 4s because of this niche ? Sure thing. But still works for me sometimes

She would be in the bench for leveling if Ariel had come first to my roster

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